So, I met this guy… (A Story About Soul-Mates)

Let's Talk About Soul Mates
Hi my beautiful friend.

I am so excited about today’s blog.

As you guys know — I teach whatever is real for me.  So unlike most of my blogs: This is a love story.

Once upon a time, this guy was introduced into my life via an online connection.

He wants to talk about doing business together. I have been blowing him off for months, but finally, we schedule a call.

We have a meeting via phone and then find ourselves calling one another other multiple times a day. Instant comfort. Super weird for me.

After a few days of this… I stalk this person online and find myself thinking… “Holy Cuss Words. This person is me. Teaches like me. Talks like me. Speaks to my soul. Who the hell is this?? I should probably meet him as quickly as possible.”

I don’t know about you, but I believe in soul-mates. I believe we have more than one. People who we connect with instantly. People we swear we’ve known forever. People our soul calls in to learn from. My little sister. My niece. The guy who lives down the street. They are all different kinds of soul mates.

Sometimes soul-mates show up to shake you. To get you to look at things. To teach you a lesson. To show you what’s possible. To shift your perspective. An encounter with one can rock you to your core. They show up on purpose. They show up right on time. They help move you along your path.

In this situation, my brain had a hard time catching up. Who is this and why are they here? I had been out of a very long relationship for a matter of days. Everything felt so intense. I was falling fast.

Once I looked him in the eyes, my soul felt settled while my brain went crazy.

I was thinking: Holy Eff Word…. I feel like I could plan my life with this person. I could decided to be with them right now without hesitation. Is this that stupid “I just know” feeling everyone always talks about??? What is happening? I was internally so calm but in my brain so freaked out.

Intense words exchanged. Sparks flying. Sharing everything. Strategizing. Planning. Fire.

Strange feelings of instant trust, love and safety. Everything.

Everything I’ve been waiting to feel and trying so hard to feel for my last partner for so long. An experience I didn’t believe I was capable of having. So many qualities I didn’t believe could exist in one person. 

And within 12 hours, the guy peaces out. We had never even met in person.

He is going to date someone else. She lives close. I should work on healing from my last relationship. Reasons. Maybe Excuses? Who knows. Whatever.

And then my mind thinks: Maybe you aren’t ready for each other. Maybe the other person just doesn’t like you like that. Maybe everyone is afraid. Maybe this just isn’t it. Maybe you didn’t feel what you thought you felt. Maybe you went too fast. Blah blah blah, blah blah.

But let’s be real. This is the bottom line: You can’t control anyone else. You have no say in what someone else’s path looks like. It’s none of our business what someone else feels they need to do.

Timing. Assignments. Sacred contracts. Phases of life to complete. Things to clean up. Shit to walk out. Timing. 

But here is where your power lies: There is tremendous strength in choosing to let someone go. There is massive power in not over analyzing the sitch. There is all kinds of healing to be found in feeling your feelings and releasing the eff out of the experience. There is tremendous positive energy in letting what you felt in any giving moment be real and true for you. And that’s enough. There are no coincidences. You’re feelings aren’t wrong. You felt what you felt. What you felt is never wrong. What you felt is real for you.

What you need is always given to you. And what no longer serves you is always removed. 

And what I felt for those few hours, opened up unlimited possibilities for what is possible for me with a future partner. And if that’s all I learn from this, then that is enough.

It’s normal to wonder what the future holds. It’s normal to want things to work out with someone. It’s normal to wonder where/who the one for you is. It’s normal to wish for the one your soul already loves. 

Today’s story is really a story about loving yourself, no matter what. And in trusting no matter what. And in releasing continually.

In typically #spiritualbosslady fashion, I feel compelled to ask you to repeat after me.

Say it with me: I am perfect. I am on way. I am a bad ass. I don’t want anyone who doesn’t want me. I don’t want anyone or anything that is not ready for me. ((Really: You don’t want anyone who sees the chance to get to know you/love you/be with you and says no.)) I am amazing. I am right where I am supposed to be. It is safe to let go, release and move on. It is my job to love myself fiercely. It is safe to love others fiercely. I choose to be an incredible partner to myself. I am exactly where I am supposed to be. The right one is one is on their way to me. I will get everything I want and more.

You’ll call in and manifest the right man (or anything else you desire) for you. You are capable of doing this, just like you were always capable of doing all the things you currently know how to do that didn’t always make sense to you. You will get everything you want.

You are already living happily ever after. It’s not a fairytale. It’s a way of seeing things. And you’re doing it.

And you’ve got this. You’ve so got this.

What do you think of this message? Come tell me in the comment section right below. I’ll reply to ALL of you!


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23 thoughts to “So, I met this guy… (A Story About Soul-Mates)”

  1. I needed this so much (i have already found my soulmate and am marrying him this summer) :D so that obviously not being the reason i need it, heres the real reason: I HAVE A HARD TIME LETTING THINGS GO. Throughout the past two months i have been searching for myself, slowly learning how to give God my everything and become closer to him once again. On this journey, i found this course. It has made things so clear to me. I have a beautiful future with the man of my dreams, why look back at the past or hold on to things in the past? NOT HAPPENING ANYMORE. Thank you amanda for your inspiring words!!!! It is up to me to make my own happieness!!!

  2. I want you to go ahead and preach, girl! You made me feel SO much better about letting go of something in the workplace that is no longer serving me. I am so happy in love, but not at work, and I realize it’s up to me to make my happiness. :)

  3. You have no idea the timing of this Amanda! I was in tears about midway through reading and everything you said spoke volumes to me. I know it’s time to let go and it’s okay to let go. Thank you!

  4. Omg, so so good. I teared up when I said “I choose to be an incredible partner to myself” – I love that, and I love you! Thank you, Amanda <3!!

  5. I met my twin flame this time last year, instant trust, unexpecyed, I got loads of visions, and by day 3 my chakras blew up and I was going through a massive kundalini awakenings. It’s was an intense 6 weeks and we were at distance. We were mirror image of one another and I heal like a mofo in these 3 months. It propelled me into a new life and then BAM! connection ended. I was confuse how I could be so lost in someone’s energy to not wanting anything from him, being repelled. We had a shit load of pass lives together as well. I healed, he choose not too and we went out of alignment. I’m forever grateful for that massive push in the ass because I was in the process of ending a 10 year relationship when we met so similar to your story and I needed that intense 3 months.

    Now I’m almost ready for the real thing, my guys are hijacking my healing sessions all the time to make sure i know he’s waiting!! haha I keep getting visions, dreams and so on.. so delicious!! :-P It’s a bit scarier to go at it again after being in partnership for ages and having a 4 year old but I’m ready for my sexy well dress conscious man who doesn’t think it’s weird that I talk to spirits and This little freedom warrior is ready for her companion to change the world with!!

  6. So I literally cried my eyes out toward the end. During the affirmation. I’m going through SUCH a similar situation right now. I broke up with BF, starting hanging out with some friends and met a really stand up guy through them, ex found out and is now doing everything in his power to change. But he’s done some crazy stuff! We have a son together so it complicates stuff…. But he’s never fulfilled my soul. He’s always been a drainer. But I’ve prayed for so long that he would change and now I don’t know if the universe brought this other man into my life to teach ME something, or to wake my ex up.

    1. OMG!!! I just went through such a similar thing. Let me say this: Just because an experience wakes up… Doesn’t mean he is now truly changed or right for you.

      You can watch and see if change is real.

      Worst case scinario: The change is a phase and doesn’t stick.

      Best case scinario: The change does stick and you are happy for him.

      In neither case are you obligated to be with him if you know something is missing and you want more.

  7. Amanda this was so great. Not only for opening yourself to him, to us, to everyone, but also for using your life experiences, your lessons, to teach us one: to always and no matter what love ourselves. I repeat every word and felt inmediately empowered and for that I am grateful. Many blessings and love to you, Lau :)

  8. You have to follow your heart boo. Deep down you know if this is right for you. Whether it’s right for you for now or forever, you know. You know. <3

  9. So good Amanda! I’ve been in that situation a few times. My take on this is that you’ve both been significant others in previous lives, and all that feeling so intensely felt was your soul remembering. Maybe it’s not meant for this life or maybe not just yet

  10. This post brought tears of recognition to my eyes. I’m releasing and grieving a 7 year relationship. I have hope and certainty too – the love I’m looking for started with me– and it’s not long until he will show up. Until then I keep working the process — I’m so freaking grateful for the lessons. Beautiful post!!!!

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