Amanda Frances riffs about white privilege in America

Let’s Talk about this White Privilege Thing

Hi love,

The other day I saw something on the news that really bothered me.

It was deeply disturbing to me.

It was a Sunday morning and I jumped on IG Story to share my heart on it.

I don’t shy away from controversial topics.

Often, the stuff that you aren’t supposed to talk about — is the only stuff I have any interest in talking about.

(I mean… have you heard me riff on money? How many of us were taught that that was a no-no topic?)

My team and I desired to continue the conversation, and have repurposed the IG Story as a video blog + podcast.

As you watch this, please keep in mind, that we all have ideas, judgements, patterns, and ways of being in our subconscious mind.

Once we make the subconscious, conscious… we are able to change the ideas that were ruling our thoughts, emotions, and actions.

We all have unhelpful, judgmental, or hateful thoughts somewhere in our subconscious mind.

These thoughts are often harmful to us and to others. Sometimes without us even knowing it.

But as we change our bias, judgements, and limiting ideas, we create change within ourselves.

The change within ourselves is then reflected outwardly and creates change in the world.

I do not know if anyone has ever asked you to look at your unconscious racial bias.

I know that until someone asked me to, I didn’t know it existed.

But I believe in massive self-responsibility.

I am responsible for my money, my business, my relationship — I am creating my world.

I intended for my world to positively affect, empower, and inspire others.

In the same way, if I am holding judgements and biases inside of myself EVEN IF I DON’T KNOW IT and it is being reflected in my thoughts, actions, and vibrations, EVEN IF I DON’T KNOW I AM DOING IT, then I have a responsibility to look inside of myself and at my thoughts and become aware of – and change – my biases.

And in this way, white people have some work to do. Because many of us haven’t been taught.

Here’s what I can tell you today:

This is important work. This is real work.

This is sometimes really hard and emotional work.

And you can do it. You can do it.

This is worth looking at. This is about people’s lives.

If you prefer audio, go ahead and listen on my podcast.

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If you have questions or comments, my team and I are available.

Feel free to comment below.

I love you!