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Do you strongly desire the independence, freedom, and mindset of an entrepreneur, but aren't sure how to get there?

Do you have a gift or service to give to the world but don't know how to get the word out there and get people to hire you?

Does the branding, marketing, selling thing feel a little confusing and overwhelming?

No worries, I love helping women create their own super successful service based business so that they can have the flexibility and cashmoney they desire while making a big difference in the world.

Click below to read about my mentoring program for life coaches. If you are wondering if my model will fit your serviced based biz, email me at amandafrances.com@gmail.com.
Feel stuck in your current relationship or job?

Need help creating a positive self-image?

Desire the confidence be your true self?

Feel ready to finally follow your passion or dream?

Need added support in a big decision or transition?

Desire to move forward, heal, and forgive pain from the past?

Do you need a cheerleader on Team-YOU?

Feel curious about how meditation and other wellness practices could help you?

Need someone in your support system who is uber encouraging and REALLY believes in you?

Want to LOVE life more?!

Life Coaching with me may be right for you!