ah-ha’s, woo-hoo’s, and #wisdomdrops

Hello my friends!

If you follow me on twitter/instagram/facebook/tumblr, you know I have been a branding machine lately. And I was def not a marketing major in college (psych major, obvi).

Regardless – I’ve become determined to learn how to authentically brand/market myself and my business so that I can get my positive/hopeful/inspiring messages to as many people as possible..

I believe that I am here to be of service.

It is my job to help people. It is the call of my heart to do my part to change the world. And, the only way I know to do that is to one person at a time.

Since I can’t take every-single-person-ever on as a client, I have to share more fab content online. Woot!

INTRODUCING #wisdomdrops — my weekly blog-plus-vlog-in-one where I will do my best to share life-changing content from my sessions with you! Woot!


If you got this blog in your email (GOOD NEWS!) you are already signed up! If you did not, there is a little box that says “sign up for weekly #wisdomdrops + vlogs from Amanda” and you can totally type in your name and email address there. (The box is on your right if you are own your computer and down below the post if you are on your phone.)

AND if you feel inspired to share this, you can sign up your friends or share the word! Sample tweets and posts have been made for you down below!


To get us started, I made you a little video collage of some of my #wisdomdrops so far! I am planning to make these babies more diverse (the vid collage includes mostly ah-has and woo-hoos from my life lately) and drop all the wisdom I’ve got.


if you are on a mobile device, try this version. the original version kind of freaks out on phones.

mobile version here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orMi8xZyCxY

if you are on a computer, try this one. the music is way more fun :)

watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xuGYRoCkGYQ

It is my goal to facilitate growth and change in others by helping them to become their happiest selves by learning to release their negative perceptions, gain confidence in themselves, and design a life they love.

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Love you mucho,

Amanda Frances