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Quotes of the Week:

When you increase your self-worth everything else falls into place.

Anything is possible to those who believe. – The Bible

You are a powerful being creating your reality.
Think, say, and do accordingly.

You can spend your whole life being frustrated about what you don’t want, without ever tapping into what you do want.
The first step to getting what you want is knowing what you want.
You can create a life you love.

Those who people who believe they can, do.
Those who believe they can’t, don’t.
our true work is on our self-perception.

Most of the rules of the being a “grown-up” are made up.
Most people just don’t know that they don’t have to play by them.

Giving up sometimes takes more courage than holding on.

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Message of the Week:

I think sometimes we forget how powerful we are. We run around doing what we need to do for the day and often pay little attention to what we are thinking about, saying to ourselves and communicating to the world. I have many times found myself slumped over in my car mindlessly thinking about everything that I have to do, talking to myself negatively, and feeling like crap. Well… no wonder I feel like crap when I do that. I am thinking, talking and acting like crap.

I think it’s important to remember that you are your own best friend. You are the one that you have been waiting for. You are who you have at the end of the day. Everything you want to find out there in the world, can be found within. That may sound depressing or crazy at first, but it’s actually pretty liberating. You have complete control over your relationship with you. You can talk to you like you love you. You can treat you like you love you. You can increase your self-love, self-worth, self-concept, self-confidence, self-care and self-talk. Your relationship with yourself is what everything else flows from. (This isn’t to negative god/spirit or any other belief system – to me, god is an intricate part of who we are and woven into the tapestry of our true selves.)  And when you feel awesome about yourself, you reflect that in every single interaction you have. The world begins to believe you are worthy and the world treats you accordingly.

The question is: Are you ready and willing to love you more?

When you are having a moment or day of feeling like crap this week, pay attention to what you are thinking about and saying to yourself. All the negative shit you think about yourself is a lie. Sure, you have some bad habits. We all have created some crazy ways of thinking and acting to try to protect ourselves in a world that seemed crazy. That’s okay. Your crazy defenses are not your true self.  Your true self is incredible. You are completely amazing.

I challenge you this week to do a little activity. It is something I do often to increase my happiness, remind myself of my successes, and attract what I want into my life.

Make three columns on a piece of paper (or you can do this mentally) to make three lists.

1. List everything you are thankful for. Think of how each thing makes you feel & feel that feeling for a moment.

2. List your successes from the day or week. Write at least three things you did right that day. It can be a simple as eating a salad instead of a cheese fries or as big as getting a major raise. Doesn’t matter. Take a minute to be proud of yourself.

3. List of everything you desire for your life. I think it’s a nice habit to do this while you are feeling thankful and positive – while you are remembering that you can do what you set out to do. To me this often feels like a prayer. Like I am reminding god, the world, and myself what I am wanting in life.

I hope you are reminded of how awesome  life is, that you are doing many things well, and that the future looks bright.

You can create a life you love.

I love you.

Have a Beautiful Week Friends,

Amanda Frances


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