free training: money mentality makeover – part 1

Bank. Benjamins. Bucks. Cash. Dough. $. Dolla Dolla Bills Y’all.

Loot. Money. Moola. Smakeroos. Stacks.


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I felt a little nuts when I started to talk more about money.

I was like, “Ugh. Amanda. You are going to sound like one of those weird infomercial-ly get rich quick schemes if you don’t stop.”

But I can’t stop.

Because I consider it my job to teach y’all every thing I know — every chance I get.

So when I changed my thoughts around money and in turn changed my experience of having money, I had to share it.

The money mentality make-over that I gave myself, changed everything for me.

So this month I am giving away several FREE training videos and next month I am doing a VERY fun course on Dropping the Struggle and changing your money mentalities for good.


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If you want to learn more about my Money Mentality Make-Over Course, click here. Purchase now! The price goes up to $300 on Friday 11/14.



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Amanda Frances

4 thoughts to “free training: money mentality makeover – part 1”

  1. Amanda, Love your blog and posts! Great quote, “when you believe that you are worth more, you will be willing to charge more for your services” – SO TRUE!

  2. This was so helpful! Being conscious of my thoughts about money all the time and then shifting my belief system will be key. Still not sure what money thoughts are holding me back from abundance but I’m determined to figure it out! Thank you for your insight Amanda!

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