Hello from the sky!

I am on my way to New York and, as you know, I love to travel… like obsessed. Traveling is one of the top three things I live for. So, once again, here I am on another adventure finding myself compelled to share the story.



First, here is a little back-story. Have you ever had the idea that there are some “special” people out there? You know, those that seem to have everything naturally come to them and don’t have to worry about a thing? There is a reason that some people get into a state of flow and some people stay stuck in a depressed, funky rut.

And, actually, you can control which way things go for you. You can choose.

Let me explain.

(Stay with me – I’ll only be deep for a sec) Many philosophies, religions and books have talked about this, but I really resonate with the explanation found in the metaphysical text, The Course in Miracles. The Course says, “Miracles occur naturally as an expression of love.” This means that the natural working order of the Universe is love. The text continues to explain that when Miracles are not occurring “something has gone wrong.” What has gone wrong? Along the path of your life you’ve picked up big fat lies and negative perceptions of yourself and separated yourself from love.

Let me un-deep that for you. If God is love and you were created in love then your divine right is love. A “Miracle” is simple a shift from fear to love. It is just changing your mind.  It’s choosing to view my life through limits to viewing my life through possibilities. It’s simple deciding to look at the world through an anything-is-possible lens. It’s choosing view our selves, our experiences, and each other through the eyes of love instead of the eyes of fear.

In the realm of anything-is-possible is the opportunity to choose and get clear about what it is that you want and then change every belief you hold about yourself and the world that says you can’t have it.

For example: I’ve decided to create a life and business I love. Through this process any negative perception about my ability to earn for myself and provide services for others has come up and it has at times been an ugly and hot-mess like. However, I know that I can look at the belief, see it’s root, accept that even though a person or experience taught me to view myself in this negative way, I can choose to not believe this any more. I can change my perception. And in the process, the things I need to learn to be able to do the things I want always show up.

My daily steps for creating what I want are simple: 1. Get clear about what you want 2. Deal with the beliefs that say you can’t have it 3. Relax and let all the things you’ll need to get you there come.

Sometimes looking at your history and negative beliefs is a yucky and no-fun process – which is where therapist, coaches, mentors, and supportive friends can come in and help you look at your life and begin to work through and release the past and the ideas that come from it. Your brain literally forms neuropath ways based on the cyclical patterns of thinking you have now. So as your “A boy will never like me” turns into “I am hot-shit and anyone would be lucky to have me” you literally change the structure of your brain.

As you get more comfortable with this work, you are sometimes able to, in one instant, realize you are holding a negative belief that is preventing you from getting what you want, decide it’s not true, change your mind and go on. (Example: That boy on the other side of the bar is so hot – he’d never talk to a girl like me. Wait – what am I saying. Of course he won’t if I keep thinking like it. I am smart, pretty, and wonderful. Anyone would be lucky to have me. I am awesome. I love myself. I feel awesome about being me. Oh wait, here comes this other super cute boy wanting to talk to me.) ß You see what I mean? It’s not you jump from “I will always be poor” to “I’ll be a millionaire tomorrow” in one day, but you slowly begin to bridge a negative idea into the idea that will support you in living a happy life.

You have the ability to change your mind, change your energy and bring in what you want.

So back to NYC – when some friends of mine asked if I’d want to reunite in NYC for Fashion Week, I initially said no. I was sure that someone who had just taken three weeks off for Christmas could not afford it, and that is the belief I was holding.  I decided to look at the situation, pray and seek a little guidance. I came to the conclusion that if I really wanted to go to Fashion Week, that is was completely possible, and that I was open to this happening. I got out of my own way. Rather quickly, a client paid for several sessions upfront, flight prices got very cheap, a friend of a friend offered their home, and my scheduled cleared for a few days.

Once the trip was booked, I got some negative feedback from various people that at such late notice I’d never get into any shows, but I don’t live in the world of limits so I didn’t believe that crap. I didn’t know exactly what would happen so I just decided that good things were coming and that my experience would be life-changing. I told my friend what shows I thought I wanted to go to and what long-time favorite designer would be especially meaningful for me to see in person. By the next day, he had gotten in contact with someone who provided not just tickets, but back-stage-passes for us to go to that very show. He says he doesn’t remember me stating that this was a line I was most interested in seeing, but somehow, that is the show that was easily confirmed.

And then last night, as if to give my positive perceptions another good work-out, every news outlet began reporting of a major blizzard causing every flight to the Northeast to be cancelled. Before bed I prayed, “God it is up to you, obviously, but why would we get me this far if I can’t even get into New York. I still believe I’m going. I know it will happening.” I got to the airport to hear the Jet Blue representative say, “Every flight to New York is cancelled… besides yours.”

You can create the life you want. You can have what it is you desire. Nothing is out of your reach. Simple decide what you want and start to feel more positively about that very thing. As you become aware of ideas that are standing in the way of your positive-perceptions, adjust them.

When you don’t know what to adjust or what to do, just focus on raising your energy by doing things you enjoy and expecting good things.


Let’s work together to create a world full of love, happiness, and many, many miracles.



Amanda Frances


on way to nyc


{smiling on the way to catch my DFW -> NYC flight}