Manifest in Your Sleep + Other Life Changing Money Practices

Let’s dig in:

1. MANIFEST IN YOUR SLEEP. Okay, who doesn’t want to manifest in their sleep? Here is what I do when I am wanting my subconscious mind + all that is divine to move sh*t along while I am sleeping. This is so good. Will you do this tonight?

Exercise: Write down what you want to step into, what you want to be worked out, what you want to embody, and how you want to live and be, what you want to understand more deeply. Ask for it to come through as you sleep. :) Simple, right? I can’t wait to hear how this goes for you.

2. THE POWER OF YOUR DOMINANT VIBRATION. This is why you don’t have to worry about being “low vibe” —

No one feels like they are rolling in barrels of money 100% of the time — we all experience a variety of emotions and we should (we are human), but I find that as I do this work my dominate vibrations improve over time. These are the ways I feel without trying and the feelings I go back to in between all of the highs and lows of life. Want to practice shifting your dominate vibration? A few times a day intentionally shift to feeling better. Perhaps you get out your journal, write positive affirmations around money, say positive things to yourself around money. Just feel good in relation to money. Know these moments will add up over time. Remember: The more you feel good, the better.

3. RECOGNIZE THE SOLUTION. Ask for guidance and know what solutions and answers look and feel like for you. For me, it’s an exhale — an “oh sh*t I love that idea” — an “why don’t we do it that way?” — for me, it clicks. And then my job is to act on this info and move forward. We are all being guided all of the time. Can we trust the guidance? Can we trust ourselves?

4. YOU AREN’T BAD WITH MONEY! If you’re struggling to trust yourself with money, here is one thing you can do. I love this exercise because it flips your fears on their head as you add up the evidence of what is actually more true for you and can continue to become truer and truer. You aren’t bad with money, maybe you have less experience handling it in ways that feel good as you’d like to have — but you aren’t bad, you are in practice and you are good. And you are getting… better.