#wisdomdrop: make your miracles happen faster

make miracles happen faster



Let’s break down some real shit. (Scroll down to skip to the video).

I believe in manifesting — like for real. I don’t care what you call it or what philosophy/religion/church taught you about it.

I believe we are super attractors creating our reality all of the time whether we want to be or not.

Focus on the realistic and practical and you get a realistic and practical life.

Focus on the abundant and out-of-control-amazing and through the eyes of unlimited possibility with an anything-is-possible mindset… and you get the idea.


Last week I broke down my first three steps to manifesting (watch here):

1. Clarity — get super clear on exactly what you want and why you want it. Make sure your desires are backed with service.

2. Observation — observe the crazy limiting beliefs and lies telling you you can’t have/aren’t good enough for what you want

3. Shifting — begin to tell yourself a new story (i.e. the truth) and dismantle the limiting beliefs.


The next part is fun. You get to think the new thought. Believe the new thought. Vibe with the new thought (i.e. get excited about what’s coming your way).


I often see people getting tripped up/freaked out about what comes next.

I like to call this step: Chill the Eff Out or Holding on Loosely. 

Really it’s just Releasing, Allowing, and Trusting.

This means that you focus with single minded clarity on exactly what you want all of the time. Your screen saver reminds you of your goal. Your vision board reminds you what has already been done for you and is coming your way. The affirmations that pop up on your phone are telling you the truth about what you will have. Your password to Facebook is your goal.

You are clear. You are focused. You know you can have it.

BUT you are not desperate. You are not forceful. You are not controlling. All those funky vibes block you and make you act CRA.

It’s like that old 80’s song: “Hold on Loosely. But don’t let go. If you grip to tightly, you’re gonna loose control.”

Those may or may not be the actual words.

The point is, a forceful/desperate energy blocks you.

Know that what you desire is on your way. Know your prayer has been hear. Your petition has been made. Know that God is on your side and the Universe has your back. You feeling supported and having all that you desire makes the world a better place. As you have what you need to work with you are able to give your best to the world.

Everything that is good in the world desires to conspire with you to co-create the life of your dreams.

Work with it.

Know that what you asked for is on it’s way. And if does not show up, that’s because something better is about 10 seconds behind it.

Like ACIM says, “Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait, and wait without anxiety.”

Get certain that what you need and desire is always on it’s way to you.

And chill the fuck out.


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