Join My Mastermind?!

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I’m so so super excited for my newest project! The Business Coaching Mastermind!! EEEEEK!

Starting and building a profitable and fun business is an on-going process and if you are anything like me, a high level of support is vital. Because of this my business bestie, Haley Neidich, and I have created a supportive community for spiritual entrepreneurs.

When I started my business, I sort of felt like an alien. The people around me didn’t quite understand what I was trying to do. There was this dream that was beating/being birthed/longing to be fulfilled inside of me. And I knew I had to follow it. And I desperately needed some examples of people who were doing it. I thank God I found them.

I joined in a group coaching program. I believe that adding the wisdom and support of that multiple six figure spiritual coach and her like-minded group of (current and soon to be) spiritual entrepreneurs made all the difference for me. I still listen to the recordings of those coaching calls to this day.

I’m not sure if I would be doing this work today if I hadn’t invested in myself and joined that group at that time. I felt like a crazy person spending money on a group without having yet made any money… but I see now that this was the only way. I needed to be around people who got it.

You need people who get it.

Haley and I are crafting a safe space of people who SO get it — where spiritual entrepreneurs can share their fears, release their limiting beliefs, support one another, gain coaching and feedback, and add two beyond six-figure business coaches to their team.

The Monthly Mastermind Includes:
– 3 One-Hour Live Coaching Calls Per Month
– Recordings of These Calls (keep them forever!)
– Scheduled Weekly Online Office Hours for Q&A
– Bi-Weekly Action Steps to Grow Your Biz
– Weekly Angel Card Reading for Continual Inspired Guidance
– Daily Affirmations to Integrate Principals into Your Mindset
– Private Facebook Group for Consistent and Reliable Support

Do you need more people who GET your dreams in your world? Do you desire more business besties who have your back, know your heart, and inspire you to never settle? Do you desire to add two successful business coaches to your team? Do you want to be a part of a community that desires to support you, encourage you, and hold space for you? Ready to go big together?! Then The Business Coaching Mastermind is for you.

Haley & I both travel the world, work from anywhere, and have grown our businesses by relying on inspired guidance, business wisdom, and one another. We are living the dreams that we set out to fulfill. And we want to help you do the same.

If you are feeling blocked, stuck, or capped in how to move your business into the next level, then join our community and let’s do this together.

BONUSES EXPIRE TODAY 6/18 (they were supposed to expire yesterday, but I am sending this email out slightly delayed — SO THEY REALLY DO EXPIRE TOMORROW!)

Sign up today to:
– Be locked in at the $222/mo. rate for the next 12 months.
– Gain access to a bonuses training with Amanda and Haley on 6/24.
– Get 20% off any courses or coaching Haley or Amanda do in the next year.

We start 7/1!! Stay in the group as long as you’d like — cancel any time. :)

To listen to Haley and my free LIVE FROM THE HAMPTONS business training call — click here.

If you have any questions, please email or connect with me here! Seriously, just ask! I LOVE YOU!

Massive massive love,