Meditation for Calling in the Money

Meditation for Calling in the Cash-Money

Hi hi pretty friend!


True story: I almost didn’t share this meditation!

I jumped on Periscope one night a few months ago with super messy hair when people in the Spiritual Bad Ass Boss Ladies group were asking for help around manifesting money.

I riffed on having pure intentions behind your financial desires and meditated with live a ton of boss ladies! It was a super cool experience.

The feedback from that night was incredible, and everyone kept asking to do the meditation again, so here it is.

The messy hair and bad camera angles and lack of planning almost kept me from sharing. But the truth is, I will take bad lighting and bad camera angles accompanying a message backed with love over a perfectly polished vlog that is lacking my heart.

​So here it is, I hope you enjoy!

Remember, money is a neutral resource to be used for the good of the world.

It takes money to live your best life and fulfill your dreams. When you have a pure intention behind your desire to earn, you are unstoppable.

What do you think? Did you do the meditation? How did you feel after! Share in the comments below!

I love you!



5 thoughts to “Meditation for Calling in the Money”

  1. Amanda, this was beautiful.
    I really felt it!! I have manifested some truly incredible things in my life and for me, manifesting money that I bring in is the next step.

  2. I teared how and felt a profound shift. I feel I need to play this on repeat every day until I clear my limiting beliefs fully. Thank you for sharing !!

  3. This was so helpful! I’ve been in the fear for a couple of days, and it’s such a good reminder to not judge and shift back! I know that abundance is mine!!

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