The Messy Bow!


You have exactly 2 minutes until you are already supposed to
be where you are going and there isn’t enough dry shampoo left
in the world for yesterday’s (or the day before, the day
before yesterday’s) hot mess hair to be worn down again.
 And though you love this top-knot tutorial, if you do it once more this week you might die. 


Solution: The Messy Bow!


Step 1: Begin putting your hair in a high pony. 


Step 2: When you loop the elastic around for the final
time, do not pull the hair all the way through.
This will create a little tail.  


Step 3: Divide the big loop into two smaller 
loops by parting the loop in to smaller sections.  


Step 4: Take the tail and pull it back 
between the two smaller loops you just made. 


Step 5: Tuck the tail into the back of 
your elastic.  



Hope you Love!


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Can’t wait to see how you wear it! 




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