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– Mint Green for Spring – 


St. Patrick’s Day is almost here. 


And as some who enjoys festivity for the sake of festivity, I was a little discouraged that the thought of wearing a whole lot of green wasn’t doing anything for me this year. My friends will tell you, normally I get very excited about the whole world color coordinating with one another. And this basically only happens at sporting events and on St Patty’s Day.

(To be really honest, large numbers of people matching is actually my favorite part of going to a game of any sport. I don’t watch the game, I just match the team and then take pictures indicating how cute I think my friends and I are because we are all wearing the same color. But I digress…)


My not-excited-to-wear-green blues has been cured since the second I laid eyes on these perfect Mint Green Jeans:



And that just lead to all sorts of excitement over my potentially new favorite color:



So for all of you who were not feeling inspired by Olive, Emerald, Chartreuse, Forrest, and Sage . . . I give you Mint.


Happy St. Patty’s Day 


Happy Sprin

may it bring you all sorts of beautiful things!!



Xo to you always, 


Amanda Frances


Shoes – Chain Embellished Python Shoe by Giambattista Valli. . . Jeans – Jenny cropped high-rise skinny jeans by Goldsign. . . Skirt – Try Crepe pencil skirt by Adam. . . Ring – Noa Zuman Jewelry . . . Polish – Essie in Mint Candy Apple