Money, God, Flow and Fun (and maybe Sex)

(this is VERY important)
Introducing a 6-Week Shift with Amanda Frances and Katrina Ruth, to Reveal Your Souls Most True Path, and Call In All Your Desires, Now, on Repeat.

Here's the deal: We did a thing. It's a thing for you. It's a thing for release. It's a thing for CREATING. It's a thing for motherfreakin' SHIFTING into purpose... into soul... and into FLOW.

It's a thing which -- quite seriously -- you simply must be part of.

Assuming you want more of, well, ALLLLL the things.


amanda frances (at the end of a back and forth audios we are sending in a mentoring conversation): "Hey ... I keep feeling like you and I should do something, and I don't know what the fuck we should do, but maybe we could do another training. Or it could be bigger... like a course. I don't know what it is, but what do you think? Should we do a thing?"
amanda frances (ahem, Katrina Fucking Ruth): "YES. Yes we should do something. It's funny you say that, because I've definitely had that come through me a couple of times recently, and it keeps coming back ... I've definitely had the feel or the vibe.

So thank you for saying that. And I feel like it could be definitely to do with connecting to your spiritual gifts ... hmmm. Yes. Something around that. Let me know what you feel when you tune in to it. But I feel like more of a course, than a one off thing."
amanda frances"No, you're totally right. That's exactly what it should be, because this is what I was observing lately. It's funny how we both felt this but just didn't talk about, and then we probably both felt the same things but didn't talk about it.

There's been a couple times lately where you were just doing what you do, talking about yourself and God and your flow and whatever, and I was just like it's so fucking unique, for you and I both, it's so unique to us, I don't really know anyone who does it, who can like, talk equal parts money and God, and explain very clearly, how it's all related, and it's not separate, and God's not, like mad about it.

Like I said to a client today - 'you get that you're doing a MASSIVE service to the world by like being you, and showing up in this way, and teaching all this shit, you have to be compensated. You HAVE to be compensated'. And, like, so, sometimes you and I use slightly different language, but that's perfect, because we didn't learn it from each other, we both just KNOW this, right? We KNOW, that our backgrounds in religion and spirituality and God and our giftings and our callings are one big massive thing, and money is synonymous with God, it's not fucking separate.

So - (laughing) - It should be something about - about that. About integrating spirituality and your spiritual gifts and your purpose, but I bet we can do a really fun angle ... it could easily be a course ... we just divvy up the content or do it all together or whatever ... it would be such ease and flow and roll out into the world for people ...

And you know what else would be fun? We're both so good at the journal entries, the daily prompts ... it would be so fun to share that with people too ... I just think this would be REALLY fun ... so yeah. We should both sit with that. Tell me if that does or doesn't resonate, and we could do it whenever...! You're even more 'do it now' than me!"

amanda frances"You're so funny. Even more do it now than you. Yes. YES we'll do it now. Like, next week or something, yeah?


And yeah, we'll just figure it out as we go. The journaling prompts is an awesome idea. I feel like either 4 weeks or 6 weeks? And ... as for the angle, yeah. I might need to sit with that for a teeny bit. But something to do with money, God, flow and fun ... I had sex come through, but I don't know if we should mix God and sex ... that's an interesting thing to notice in myself :) ... I'm gonna let that all juice up inside of me! And I just want to remind you you are always right about everything. Always."
amanda frances"Agree on all of the above.

Money, God, Flow and Fun.

(and maybe sex)

A 6-week course."
amanda frances"Yesss ... like ... LITERALLY. That's what we call it."
amanda frances SO PERFECT.

Well, first of all: Welcome to the...

What if you just let it fucking FLOW, baby?

Money. God. Flow. Fun.

And MAYBE even sex.

ALLLLL of it!

Then what?

It's not a rhetorical question.

It’s NOT a question to keep running and hiding from.

It's EXACTLY what we are going to REQUIRE you to do, to deep dive into over the coming weeks with us.

It's exactly what you can't NOT do... we are just helping you do it now.

Yes, you can do/be/have it all... NOW.

Which is kind of the whole POINT of this whole designing your life thing, right?

Step into your desires and live them boldly from your soul... now.

Are you in?


A 6-Week Shift with Amanda Frances and Katrina Ruth, to Reveal Your Souls Most True Path, and Call In All Your Desires, Now, on Repeat. Amen!
We know you want more...

...SO much more.

amanda frances

Including, of course, the luxury, the beauty, the first class, the ability to have what you want - whenever you want it. On DEMAND.

And you absolutely GET to have all of that, of COURSE.

But also... we know you want more of that deep soul connection, that absolute certainty, that place and space of being fully connected to your TRUE desires and also pathway.

What we're talking about, specifically, is stepping into a life - your life!

A life where you wake up every morning AND go to bed each and every night KNOWING you did what you came here to do.

And you had a DAMN fine time doing it.

You made the IMPACT you were supposed to make, in doing so.

And you received from it all that you want and all that you DESIRE.

This is not only what is AVAILABLE to you - It's how life is supposed to be.

Following your soul's true pathway to ALL your desires is not only 'allowed', and it's not only 'okay...'

... it's a motherfucking responsibility.

That includes even the 'just for fun COOL stuff', not just the 'deep' stuff.

It's not like there's some sort of rule that your desires have to be only OBVIOUSLY spiritual.

ALL of your desires and all of your souls leanings are, by definition, spiritual as fuck.

And what WE desire, what we are so deeply led to do, is to work with you deeply for you to UNLOCK these, and then -- LIVE them!

We WILL be going deep from the get go. (duh)

And there will be outrageous amounts of fun. #obviously.

You will experience 6 weeks of upward shifting to unlock EVERYTHING your soul is telling you about your pathway, your desires, your FLOW.


Amanda Frances is a success coach for women entrepreneurs, a digital course creator, a self-made millionaire and a soulful business guru to the tens of thousand of women who follower her work online. 

Amanda’s mission is to empower women to “design lives and businesses that they are wildly obsessed with.” She daily strives toward this through her rapidly growing social media presence, the continual creation of digital courses and other online training programs, and a ton of free content.

Combining her love for helping others with practical business advice and spiritual principles, Amanda believes in putting the power of success into the hands of regular women with extraordinary dreams. 

A true self-made woman, while putting herself through graduate school, Amanda taught herself how to build her first website.

Six and a half short years later, Amanda Frances Inc. is a seven figure brand.

She credits her success to her sheer determination, a deep desire to serve others, and an unwavering belief in her own dreams. 

In July 2016 -- she put everything in storage and took off to see the world.

Amanda bounces around the globe, alternating stays at five star resorts, ocean front mansions, and beach side bungalows.


Katrina Ruth (formerly Kat Loterzo) is a writer based on Australia's sunny Gold Coast. When she isn't furiously unleashing her true message, she is running her multi-million dollar online coaching business as an entertainer, speaker and success mentor to 'the crazy ones'.

With almost 50 best selling eBooks and several hundred product and program launches under her belt Katrina is known as a ‘Content Queen’ who just doesn’t stop. She believes that you CAN have it all, on your terms, so long as you’re willing to get honest with yourself about what you’re really here to do in the world, and then do the work/‘press play’.

Before transitioning into her current work Katrina built a 7-figure online fitness business by following zero of the ‘rules’ around internet marketing, and to this day her process includes the truth that YOU know best what is right for you and your audience. Now, as a mentor, she kicks the butts of the worlds top entrepreneurs, leaders, visionaries and creators and is arguably the most hardcore chick online.

Katrina lives with her 2 children in her dream sub-penthouse apartment overlooking the ocean. She is obsessed with great coffee, great wifi, great wine and great training of the mind/body, as well as creating as much content as humanly possible on the topic of alignment and taking MASSIVE fucking action.

Amanda Frances Six Module Course: Modules are recorded. You will have lifetime access to the course.

Amanda Frances Journal Prompts: We know how to dig in and go deep in our journals. We both swear that this is one of the major things that has allowed us to create next level lives. Best of all, we know what to ask you to allow you to do the same. THIS COULD BE A COURSE IN ITSELF. We will give you journal prompts for all six modules of the course.

Amanda Frances Life changing experience... that elevates you into your next level and reminds you how amazing life actually gets to fucking be, while busting the crazy illusion that all the things we desire are some how separate from our purpose and our spirituality. God, money, play, love, sex, business, purpose, family, friends, travel, etc... gets to be one massive flowy, fucking divine life experience. It's simple, really, but so few people know how to do it (much less teach it). This is going to be amazing.

Amanda Frances Module One: Money. God. Stop making these two separate things. Your connection to God can equal money. That doesn't mean it will automatically equal money. It means, you decide what you pull from the Universe, attract from the divine, and ask life to bring you. However, you can 100% make money and God synonymous. Meaning, money will just become a reflection of knowing that you are a mother fucking child of God and that you actually, literally deserve to earn by sharing your gifts (and really, yourself) into the world.

Amanda Frances Module Two: Flow. Flow. Flow. So all you spiritual bitches go around talking about ease, grace, and flow... but do you live it? Truly? Not that either of us have this perfect... but we are experiencing more joy, money, flow, fun (and maybe sex) than ever before. The thing is this: Flow is actually your natural state. It is how things are supposed to be. You get to live in massive synchronistic flow where all the things you desire just show the fuck up as your raise your mother fucking vibration. And, you don't have to raise it a little bit at a time. You can shift. And you can shift... quickly. No more incremental upgrades. It's time to next-level all your systems. Let's quantum leap. More flow than you have ever imaged.

Amanda Frances Module Three: Fun. Ummm... it gets to be fun. Yes, really. Like, really fun. For example, we are having so much fun writing about what we get to share with you through this offer that we are giddy with excitement. Amanda is currently audio-ing Katrina about how she added the subject of large cock to the sales page (keep reading). This gets to be fun... like... really fun. You get to unleash who you were always meant to be into the world at higher and higher levels, with more and more fun/play/fucking off as you desire and have it only equal #allofthegoodthings. Fun = Money... Fun = Flow... Fun = Love... as long as you know it does. #bam

Amanda Frances Module Four: Purpose. Hey, PS: YOU WERE MADE FOR SOMETHING. You are here on purpose. We need you. You, you bad ass, are fucking powerful. You are a powerful being made to change the world. No more playing small (it's selfish and boring). It's time to feel deep fucking meaning and purpose in ALL that you do. It's time to see how connected #allofthethings are to all of the other good things. The man, love, sex, money, income stream you want is not an isolated desire, allowing yourself to have the things in one area, allows you to have the things in all of the other areas. And, you get to tie your deep undeniable purpose to each thing in such a way that it HAS TO flow into your life... now.

Amanda Frances Module Five: Sex. Oh cuss words. So, the thing is: The way you do anything is the way you do everything, to some extent. Holding back in life? Holding back in love? Holding back sexually? We have to learn to LET IT FLOW. And, yes, that means learning to be fully self expressed... in bed (or in a car, ally way, boat, penthouse or wherever you choose to get it on)... like the mother fucking sensual goddess of love and like that you are. Sex is from God. Good sex is your birthright. Come on now, we don't setting in ANY area. (One of us may be an expert in manifesting a certain (read: large) type of male sexual organ. She's simply unavailable for small cock.) You really want to join us...

Amanda Frances Module Six: This one is top secret. We can't even say it on the internet, but we are going to combine all the things you have been learning in such a next level way that your mind will be blown. We just know that the above gets to be true. And so it is. It is now done in the spiritual realm and gets to manifest into reality. << We can show you how to do that too.

I mean, come on. I barely feel like there are any more words we could possible say about this.

Do you love us? Yes.

Does learning #alllthethings from us feel mostly like fun and not really like work? Yes.

Do you find yourself thinking, "I want to create more of what those bitches have?" (ie: confidence, purpose, and a fuck ton of money? Yes.

Yay... we will see you on the inside.

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