instinct + money + destiny


I can’t really explain my insatiable need to travel. But it’s there. And so I honor it.

And every once in awhile, I stumble upon a place that (for like of a better phrase) touches my soul.

A place that I’ve been to before and know I’ll travel to again. Many more times.

And so I honor that too.

I believe that I must stay in touch with and follow my own deep desires and instinctual nudges because this is how I stay connected to my path and purpose.

There is something in us connected to the divine that knows the way.

And we have to trust that. And go. And follow our heart no matter whether it makes sense to our mind or not.

We have to. Because the answer to every prayer is on the other side of each follow of our instinct.

And I am getting on an airplane and following one of those instincts at the end of this week.

Because I believe that the urge to go/move/be that often requires a leap of faith is how we find our way.


And, for me, this is where money comes in.

Money provides us with the ability to utilize any and every resource needed to make the most out of our time on this Earth.

To follow our hearts. To do what we are led to do. To make a difference.

And there is nothing evil, dirty, or selfish about that.

Most people I know, use money as their main reason for not being able to do the things they desire with this life.

And I’m not okay with that.

I wasn’t okay with that for my own life. And I am not okay with that for others.


I told God that if he would help me figure out and clean up my money related fears, I would help others do the same.

That’s how The Money Mentality Makeover course came to be and why it exists.

If you need it… If you need help clearing your money fears, shifting your money beliefs, healing your money memories… Then I urge you to take action.

If my course resonates with you, then I’d be thrilled to help you.

Money doesn’t have to be the reason you say no, any longer.


Money Mentality Makeover Course  <– f i n d  o u t  m o r e #gamechanger


Massive Love,