Money Mama

I had been a stepmom only days when I felt it.

You know what I am talking about.

The pressure, fear, and obligation tell us to do everything, have everything, and be everywhere.

The expectations are impossible.

The strange thing was, the overwhelm I felt almost immediately… didn’t feel like it was coming from within me.

It felt like it was… outside of me.

And it was… everywhere.

Society. Religion. Family. Friends. In-laws. Social circles. Strangers.

Everyone thinks they know who - and how - a woman should be.

The pressure and force and overwhelm are… palpable.

This can leave women exhausted and defeated from the beginning of their motherhood journeys.

Especially if they don’t know that there is another way.

Between their careers, their home, their families, their body, their health, their partners, their goals, their kids…

One day, shortly after Eddie and I moved in together, I found myself standing in a big-box store in a suburban strip mall, grabbing something one of the children had forgotten for a sports practice.

(Nothing wrong with Target. It serves a useful and often convenient purpose. I was just taken aback to find myself in one so quickly after becoming a woman with children living in her home. lol. The rumors are true. Target will try to suck you in. lmao.)

I knew I wanted more kids.

And I knew I had to squash the sticky, thick, fearful energy that was beginning to creep in.

“There is more than one way to be a mother,” I said to myself.

“I resist the idea that this has to look a certain way. I resist the idea that I am meant to settle as I help raise these children.

I resist the idea that I will be boxed in, depleted, overwhelmed, frantic and fearful as I do this thing.

I f*cking resist.

I know who I am. I know what I’m here for. I will not settle.

I will make money, live life, have love, raise kids, grow my empire, create a peaceful home and feel happy!

I am Amanda F*cking Frances. I was made to have it all.

I dedicated myself to it.

I believed in it. I moved toward it.

A lot has happened in the year and a half since I stood in that store, pepping myself up in the self-checkout line.

Seven months after moving in together, Eddie and I got pregnant, with twins, on our first try.

One of our babies didn’t make it.

One of our babies is thriving -- living his best little Canaan Cash five-month-old life.

He is… perfect.

Through my time being pregnant...

I got even better at boundaries. I bonded with my step kids. I focused our family unit and the energy of our household.

I decided — definitively and for sure — that I would keep thriving, earning, growing, creating, and killing it in my career no matter what.

I was unavailable for sacrifice in any arena. No sacrifice in my home, family, or love life. No sacrifice in my career and money world.

I’ve had seven-figure months.

I released an audiobook and journal. I did my thing.

I created deep connections with our children.

Showing up for both - my family and my career - at the same time wasn’t impossible after all. I just had to get more creative, efficient, and wildly intentional in how I did the things.

It was simply what was required.

When my babies were born at a little over 29 weeks and when the unthinkable happened... I felt myself at a crossroads. Would I fall apart? Would I let the victim-based thoughts take over?

Or would I grieve and process and feel and cry... while still being me.

I had an $870k month in August - the month immediately after my babies were born and Zion died - while spending my days in the NICU.

That shouldn't be possible. (But truly, nothing I've done with my life thus far should be).

And it was the easiest and least time-consuming working month of my life.

Why did I do that? How did I do that?

Because at that moment, it felt required to show up as the mom I feel I'm meant to be.

I grieved. I cried. I prayed. I argued with doctors. And I still showed the f*ck up in my career, as a partner, and as a stepmom.

Once Canaan came home, everything changed again.

I still cared about all the things I had always cared about. I just cared about him in a way that superseded everything.

And in the past five months, I've noticed this:

I can still have it all. I do still have it all. I will still not sacrifice to have it all...

But I will no longer do the things I once did in the way I did them.

Once upon a time, I would work day and night, on weekends and any time I had something to do. When I became a stepmom, I moved most of my working hours to a schedule aligned with their school day and our custody schedule.

But, again, different times required different things. And different things are now required.

I work... differently. More efficiently and sometimes more slowly because Canaan needs me every two seconds. lol. But with him and my relationship with him at the center of my days, schedules, the order I do things, and my choices.

And though I can afford to have round-the-clock childcare for him... that's not how I want to do things. That's not me.

Currently, there are many days where there is a baby on my chest, a breastpump on my boobs, and a laptop in my lap. And that... that feels very me.

I do have some help, but how I want that to look and feel is something I'm figuring out as I go.

Daily, I am left with the sense that I do, in fact, have it all.

And I am moving daily toward creating, having, and being even… more.

More of each and everything I want.

And while I still sense that pressure and fear around motherhood… and sometimes get overwhelmed… and don’t know how I will be there for all these people who need me.

I can. And I will. Because I will.

And I will take good care of myself. I will learn to hold less and less stress in my body. I will do the things that help me feel like me (walks, workouts, blowouts, work, launches, travel)...

Because I am a mom, but I am also a person.

A person who deserves to be fulfilled in every single way in every area.

I believe we are meant to create another way when it comes to motherhood.

We are to create it, model it, and set it into motion — as a possibility for how it gets to be, for ourselves and for each other.

We are meant to thrive. We are made to. We are here to.

I am not here to settle. And neither are you.

We must rise as mothers, as warriors, as protectors, as money-makers, as powerful f*cking women.

We must show up for our kids, our humans, our communities, our partners… But most importantly… for ourselves.

We must say to the world: I am made to have it all.

It's safe for me to have it all. And it's okay for me to want it all.

But that doesn’t mean I will do it all.

And that doesn’t mean I’ll do it exactly the way you want me to.

And this is about doing what we do intentionally... with purpose, freedom, love, conviction, and fun.

(Or any other way you want it to look.)

This is your time. This is your season.

Your life. Your rules. Your journey. Your family. Your kids. Your way.

Sound good?

Let’s f*cking go.


You feel the pressure. Your business/career has to work. You feel pulled.

You want to be a good mom, be really present, make lots of money, feel alive, feel really good in your body, and be in love. How the hell will I you do it all?

Motherhood expands us. We know this. It puts us in the position to do even more. But the answer to having it all is not doing it all. I want to show you how to position yourself as the authority of your world, and creating accordingly. No matter what your current financial or childcare situation is, we have to approach our lives and business with clarity, creativity, confidence and vision.

I want to share my personal schedule for how I do all the things. And what that looks like for me. And I want to help you create something that feels really good to you.

So you can be the money-making mama you want to be.

Your life. Your rules. Your home. Your version of your own hot mom world. The schedule, the home, the environment, the friendships, the career, the help, and support... as you chose. Your career, your money, your progress, your impact... as you chose.

How the f* to sort all of this out and make it work for you.

And what it looks like in my business now as a mama.

PS: Balance is a myth. But there is something much better than balance. Let's discuss. 



I have a masters in counseling with an emphasis on childhood development. I was a play therapist. It is my intention to take what I learned in my work with children and convey it to you in a fully useable, digestible way -- a way that supports you in raising happy, contributing, confident kids.

A perspective that will eliminate mom guilt while positioning everyone in your home to thrive.

A parenting style that eliminates shame and empowers children. A gentler way.

This will be invaluable.



People have been asking me to talk about this for a long, long time. Here we go: No more f*ing torture. No torture around food or workouts. No turning to food in ways that don’t serve us. No more approaching our bodies from the place of not enough. It seems that moms either torture themselves to appear a certain way or completely give up on themselves. No. We are here to thrive. But we are bombarded with diet culture, drinking culture, and celebrity culture in a way that can disrupt our natural relationship with our innate desires.

We have to approach it all from... wholeness.

Our children are watching. This matters so very much.



You may have previously been the most loving and trusting partner in the world, but the second they hold your newborn wrong... you may accidentally start treating your partner like they are an idiot who can't be trusted and doesn't know what they are doing in life.

Parenting adds a whole new layer to our romantic relationships. It can be so wonderful and beautiful, but it can also be challenging.

How we position our partner, how we love them, how we build them up, and how we bring out and call forth the partner we need - and want - while our kids are driving us kind of nuts.

We can also discuss: Intimacy after having a baby, how this money making mama handles money in her relationship and how to navigate that, child care, and so much more.

This will be good.



Creating a happy, healthy, thriving home that is a breeding ground for the life you want to have. Creating a culture of peace, warmth, and togetherness (or whatever it is you want more of). Creating a home you want to be in. A house of rest. A house of love. A house of fun.

Fostering the energy you want to be surrounded by.

Eliminating outside noise, distractions, and nonsense. Getting calm, quiet, and peaceful.

** As I look at my notes for this week, I have a bit less "teaching" to get through than some of the other weeks. Expect an extended Q+A period while we are live. (We will do Q+A every week, but should have space for additional time this week.)



Building a team and support system. Placing people around you, one at a time, so that you are fully supported in all the ways that are most impactful to you. I grew my team slowly as my business and life grew. (I went from having one five hour a week virtual assistant to a team of eight people between my work and home. Let's discuss what that looked like and what I've learned.)

The feedback I've gotten clients over many many years is that the simplicity by which I see growing a business, making money, and thriving in my career -- and the way I convey this -- helps them to create tremendous clarity, ease, freedom and vision for themselves. I think it is clear that this is more than a business course, but let's talk about all of this here. We can discuss business and career and the how to whatever degree you need. I know all the perfect Qs will come through as we record these modules.

Whatever ever has come up through the weeks that you need me to get deeper into will also go here. In the future, module six of this course will have a proper title with a description, but since I am creating this course live with you... this module is yet to be completely known.

But I know it will be everything it needs to be. I can't wait to find out what comes through.


MODULE SEVEN: The current class of Money Mama has asked and I am answering.

We are talking about... TIME. Time is a wild thing. And for mamas, it can feel like there is never enough of it. We can shift this. I am here to help you transform your relationship with time to one that is supportive and fun and feels good.

Try this on for size: As you slow down... so does time.

Let's expand some time, shall we? I have been working on this topic a lot in my own life and I have so much to share.



I want to talk more about Zion and my experience of losing a child. I will share what I know to be true about death, soul assignments, moving through this pain, and moving forward.



Positioning your kids for their own wildly abundant lives. What I am doing practically and energetically for my children to have a lifelong positive relationship with money. I want to set them up for this, prepare them for this, and give them a journey better than my own.


We feel the pressure and pull. Our business and careers have to work. The money we make matters to our families. It's how we all survive... and thrive. I want to share my schedule and mindset for getting all the things done.

Money Mama Support Group. Connect with one another in a dedicated Money Mama group. Support, encourage, ask questions to other members of this program.


Journal Prompts and Affirmations. There will be journal prompts and affirmations provided with each module that highlight the core themes of that module. These can be used to support you in integrating concepts from the course as you choose. 


I was sitting in my car at a stop light when it came through: The Five Pillars of Surviving Step Parenting. I couldn’t type them into the note section of my phone fast enough. People have been asking forever, and finally, the words and lessons of what I have learned came through. This is how I have not only survived, but thrived, at what I believe is one of the most challenging roles a woman can take on. I mean, holy f*ing shit. I honor you, step-mama. I see you. I want to support you.

Below, you will find two options for enrolling in Money Mama. Option two includes the Surviving Step Parenting Workshop.


I reserve the right to change the order of these modules throughout the course based on what I feel led to do and what is coming through on any given day. All topics will be covered, I promise.

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Amanda Frances is a world-renowned thought leader on financial empowerment for women.

Through her wildly popular digital courses, her best-selling book, Rich as F*ck, her highly engaging online presence, her And She Rises podcast, and free daily content, meditations and trainings distributed across her social media channels daily... she empowers women to design lives and businesses they are wildly obsessed with.

She has written for Forbes, Business Insider, Glamour, Cosmopolitan, and Success Magazine.

She has been featured in Entrepreneur, Flaunt, US Weekly, ET, and others.

Combining her background in ministry and mental health counseling with practical advice and a deep knowledge of spiritual and energetic principles, Amanda isn’t quite like any other "coach" you’ve encountered.

A true self-made woman, while putting herself through graduate school, Amanda taught herself how to build her first website.

A decade later, Amanda Frances Inc. is an eight-figure global brand serving clients and students in 85 countries.

Her mission has always been to get the power of money into the hands of good-hearted women who are here to change the world. Today, she is doing so.

Amanda is from Sand Springs, Oklahoma and currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

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Journal Prompts and Affirmations: These will be provided each week to support you in integrating and processing the concepts provided in the modules. Use as you feel led to.

Optional Add On: Surviving Step Parenting: As discussed above, these are the five pillars Amanda has used to not only survive, but thrive in what could be considered the most challenging role a woman can take on. Step-Mamas, this is not to be missed.

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I can without a doubt say that working closely with Amanda changed not only my life but my kids’ future forever.

When we first started working together, I was stuck (or at least it felt that way) in a terrible marriage and even though I was doing work around my worthiness and my ability to make money it wasn’t until I met her and started consuming all of her content that something clicked. 

She showed me that it was my choice. My decision. My life.

I had the power to choose to stay or leave. If I chose to stay, I had the power to decide how it would play out. And if I chose to leave, I also had the power to decide how my life would be. I didn’t have to settle in any area.

I decided to bet on me and in the process I decided that my kids were going to thrive through the divorce. Against all statistic. Just like Amanda says the sacrifice is never required. I knew we could have it all.

Now, my kids get to see what a happy and fulfilled momma looks like and an example of a working mom that not only brings in the money but also the fun. A mom who shows up and is intentional in giving them a great future and more importantly an awesome childhood now.

My kids will have their own journeys but it’s my choices as their mom that will determine how easy and magical it gets be for them. Being part of Amanda’s world has meant everything to me and my little family of 3.

Bondie Metchore

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A: Solutions. Clarity. Inspired content. A reminder that you can do this and do it well and do it your way. A knowing that this can all be better than you ever expected. You can live well. Live big. Thrive as the mom and money maker that you desire to be. Fresh perspective. A supportive mindset. A renewed mission. A clear purpose. A fresh belief in yourself. A group of humans who are doing the things alongside you.

Meditations. Affirmations. Movement in the direction of your money-making mama dreams. And whatever else you are meant to receive.

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Q: Is this only for entrepreneurs?

A: No, if you are a mom in any industry, I think the principles, concepts, and ways of thinking will be supportive to you in being what ever type of Money Mama you desire to be.


Q: Is this only for women?

A: No, we love men. My stories, lessons and examples will most often be derived from my own lived experiences, but you are fully welcome to apply them to you in any way that works for you, no matter how you identify in terms of gender, sexuality, etc. Welcome all!


Q: Is this only for moms?

A: No. This is for moms, but I understand how deeply helpful it could be to a future-mom. Or a dad. Or parent. Or step-parent. Or grandparent Or caregiver of any kind. Come all.


Q: I am unsure if this is right for me. Should I enroll in Money Mama?

A: If you are feeling called, led, drawn, or pulled to the course, I recommend you follow your inner guidance. If you desire to be in this program, trust yourself.


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