Widow at 27 + Single Mom + Mother Effing Overcomer: Money Mentality Makeover Success Stories

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Hello love!

I barely know where to start when it comes to telling you about Alex Marie Street.

The girl has faced challenges that I can personally not imagine.

Here is glimpse:

– She became a parent as a teenager.
– She worked full time and going to school full time while raising a child.
– She worked the closing shifts at restaurants hoping to bring home food for her family/save money on groceries.
– She became a widow at the age of 27 when her husband unexpectedly died in a tragic accident. Her son was the one to tell her.
– Lost her home and had to up root from everything she knew.
– Became a single mom in a moment where she had to not only grieve and heal herself, but also show up for her child.

Instead of crawling in a hole and giving up… home girl rose up. Big time.

While being present in her own process and dedicated to her own healing… she also determined to better herself.

When I met her, her husband died just a few months before. She was grieving and working through it…

… but there was no pity party. There were no excuses.

Alex had decided to come out on the other side. And come out better than ever before.

She surrounded herself with the support she needed. She read books. She enrolled in programs… And she signed up for the Money Mentality Makeover.

Can you imagine?

You are a new single mom. You have a responsibility to support your child in a new way. You have fears around how to do this… some of them financial… And you know there has to be a better way.

I love Alex’s story… not just because she did the work and manifested some really cool shit (including some major cash money)…

But because she talked about this course changed her. She explains that the course taught her to feel supported, confident, assured, and worthy in life.

She told me that she now walks with her shoulders back and her head held high, knowing she is worthy of everything she wants… including money.

Okay… without further ado, here is Alex’s story:

Does homegirl give you all of the feels?
Let me know in the comments below. 

PS: Though Alex has an online business — this course is not just for entrepreneurs.
Many people, including teachers, attorneys, psychologists, and stay at home parents have taken this course.
They report that have found themselves confidently asking for raises, discovered creative streams of income, learning manifestation skills, manifesting money out of no where and feeling decreased anxiety around their finances.

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