Money Mentality Makeover Success Stories: Meghan Elizabeth


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These Money Mentality Makeover Success Stories are giving me life!!

TODAY I get to bring you Meghan Elizabeth Witham and her story!

Meghan is a web designer.

She had been working with a coach, attempting to work through her money blocks and earn in a bigger way, but nothing was working.

Like a lot of people, she didn’t know what to do to dig into her root issues around earning money.

Putting on money manifestation bandaids won’t do a lot for you — when you need money mentality surgery.

You’ll get short term results — but you won’t clear up your sh*t.

In the Money Mentality Makeover, we do the mother effing work.

We dig in, we clear shit out, we rearrange things, and you come out with an new relationship with money, yourself, and the world.

And like Meghan said, being able to do the course work alone with her journal, allowed her to really tell herself truths about her money history and money mindset —

— truths that we are often too embarrassed to tell anyone else.

Since taking the course Meghan has experience crazy miracles… from walking into a coffee shop and someone writing her a $1,000 check to earning 121% more in 2016 this last year.

She just celebrated her first $5,000 week in her business.

And like she explained to us in the video — she had a hard time seeing the value of her work before taking this course.

Through the course she upped her confidence and sense of worthiness around money — and her life changed.

And she says it was EASIER earning big than it was earning small.

Yay! Meghan is a rock star and I’m so proud to have her has a Money Mentality Makeover Alumn!

Check out her story:



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PS: Though Meghan has an online business — this course is not just for entrepreneurs.

Many people, including teachers, attorneys, psychologists, and stay at home parents have taken this course.

They report that have found themselves confidently asking for raises, discovered creative streams of income, learning manifestation skills, manifesting money out of no where and feeling decreased anxiety around their finances.

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