500% Increase in Income + $12k day… Money Mentality Makeover Success Story!

Hi my loves!

Today starts my (newest) favorite thing ever!!

How do you grow your business by 500% and break through to earning $12k in a day?!

That’s what my homegirl, Amy Fielder, shares with us in Part One of my Money Mentality Makeover Success Stories Video Series! 

I LOVED interviewing MMM alumn. They blow my mind.

They were able to share with me how their confidence level, perceived self worth/worth of their work, and bank balance has drastically changed since enrolling in the Money Mentality Makeover.

I am so honored to do this work.

I love to share my own person stories around what making over my own money mentality has done for me.

And I share it all: What I’ve manifested and the miracles that have occurred.

Recently, I even shared how much I’ve earned every year since starting my business (get that here).

But, to me, what is way more exciting is the people who have been able to duplicate my results. 

Amy drops the wisdom below

I am so excited for you to see this. 


Think this is crazy?
To good to be true?
Unrealistic AF?

Let me know in the comments below!

PS: Though Amy is a life-coach — this course is not just for entrepreneurs.
Many people, including teachers, attorneys, psychologists, and stay at home parents have taken this course.
They report that have found themselves confidently asking for raises, discovered creative streams of income, learning manifestation skills, manifesting money out of no where and feeling decreased anxiety around their finances.

Check out the Money Mentality Makeover here: It’s time to drop your Money Struggles for good.


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