Money Mentality Makeover

Amanda Frances Do you feel like there is never enough money for you?

Amanda Frances Do you feel paralyzed with fear at the thought of money "running out"?

Amanda Frances Do you feel overwhelmed with anxiety when thinking about your bills or debt?

Amanda Frances Is money often the reason you say "no" to things you want to do or have?

Amanda Frances Do you feel that you are just not the kind of person who will ever have money?

Amanda Frances Are you waiting for something to come save you (rich hubby, inheritance or lottery)?

Amanda Frances Do you feel guilty for wanting more than you have?

Amanda FrancesDo you feel guilty for what you already have?

Amanda Frances Do you find yourself quickly spending money when you receive it, creating a feast and famine cycle (or some other kind of funky pattern that no longer serves you)?

Me too.

Well, at least I used to.

At one point in time, many of the above were very, very true for me. I've been there.

And it sucked.

I've lived off student loans. I've worked dead-end jobs. I've lived in apartments in neighborhoods that scared me. I've shared bathwater with siblings. I've spent tremendous time and energy being incredibly inconvenienced to save a few dollars.

I'll never forget the day I finally decided things had to change.

While sitting on the rooftop of a hotel I could not afford (that I was not even staying at) in downtown Dallas, I asked for divine guidance.

I declared that I was willing to see things differently. I declared that I was tired of the bullshit and I was ready to make money.

I promised that if I was taught how to earn and receive the kind of money I desired, that I would teach as many women as possible to do the same.

...Money Mentality Makeover is me keeping my promise....

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I wasn't just going to do this for me. I was going to do this for all of us.

After I said that prayer, I was led to clean up my money mindset.

When you change your mentality around money, you change your experience of having money.

For the next several months, I changed the role money played in my life. I created new belief systems around money. I began to understand the purpose of money. I taught myself a process for shifting into an energetic state of receiving to attract money and co-creating my dreams. I learned to manifest quickly. I've spent the time since increasing my understanding of the vibrations of money, wealth, and overflow.

And it worked. 

Money is now a resource that allows me to give my gifts to the world on a larger scale, travel as I please, build wealth, hire the employees and mentors I need, and contribute to organizations I believe in.

I was able to honor my desire to see the world in a new way by traveling full time for a year before creating a home base in California. I spent the past year in a four-story, ocean view home in Malibu. This week I close on a multi-million dollar house in my dream neighborhood. I drive two cars, each with a six figure price tag. I own a two homes in my home state. I am an investor in a real estate project in another. I have contributed tens of thousands of dollars to organizations I believe in. I fly first class, when I'm not flying private. Five star hotels have become standard. I wear brands I used to dream of. I have over seven figures between my banking and investment accounts.

None of this is the best part.

The best part is the money is no longer the reason I must say 'no' to the things I desire.

To be clear, ten years ago I lived in a dorm. Eight years ago, I was afraid to sleep in the apartment I lived in because of the neighborhood it was in. Five years ago, I dedicated my life to working on my money mindset and to serving others. And here we are.

I now live a life parallel with my wildest dreams.

I obviously cannot guarantee specific results with this course. However, I can tell you that the students in this course repeatedly rave about how the Money Mentality Makeover helped them to drop their doubt around money, shift their beliefs around money, experience far less anxiety around money and, yes, move into the experience of manifesting, earning, and receiving more money.

More specifically, they tell me this course changed their absolute lives.

Alumni have started businesses with five and six-figure monthly incomes, gotten raises and promotions for them or their significant other, received refunds, checks, and monetary gifts that were completely unexpected, etc.

Here are some of their stories:

My life changed quickly after enrolling.

I received a very large bonus (nearly $30K) and substantial pay increase from my corporate job right away.

A few months later, I was able to leave this position to work full time in my business.

This course up-levels you with each module. Amanda covers the basics before taking you into quantum manifesting. It's like a Doctorate degree for manifesting.

Not only will you level up in your finances but you will find most areas of your life will also shift and change.

Just being in Amanda's energy helps me step up and shift into receiving all I desire to have and be.

She remind me of the possibilities and that these possibilities are infinite.

Former Executive // Founder + CEO

The cost was the biggest hesitation for me. I knew that investing in something like this was what I needed in order to open up the floodgates of abundance... and that it did!

The results I had WAY outweighed the cost in just a few weeks of taking the course!

My entire business, Manifestation Babe, was an inspiration following this course.

If I never took this course, I would NOT be where I am today.

$2,000 of unexpected income arrived into my bank account within two weeks. I was able to pay $25,000 worth of debt in less than a year! I finally have a savings account I am proud of.

Amanda is the real deal.

She shows us that if she can manifest money on the regular, anyone can too.

Whatever limiting beliefs you have about money will be DESTROYED in a matter of weeks.

This course is the foundation of my first 6 figures in my business. I can only see my income skyrocketing after incorporating Amanda's teachings.

Don't hesitate. Don't second-guess yourself. This course will pay for itself.

Coach and Course Creator

One week after completing the course, I began to receive random checks in the mail.

Within 45 days , I had manifested almost $1,800 of unexpected income.

One year later, I had tripled my income and am having multiple five figure launches.

Amanda is fierce, authentic and a total boss babe. The way she breaks down the art of manifestation is easy to implement.

The course allowed me to shift my perceptions and view money differently. This mindset shift has changed my life.

I became able to look at my student loan debt without wanting to crawl into a hole, cry, or scream. I am now able to spend with joy and treat myself to things without feeling guilty.

I can stand with my head held high, knowing that there is ALWAYS a way to achieve my deepest desires.

Forever grateful for this course!

Spiritual & Life Coach
Amanda Frances Identify and shift any and all limiting beliefs that are blocking the natural flow of money in your life. Expand your earning and receiving potential.

Amanda Frances Integrate my process for shifting, changing and rearranging all ideas, beliefs, and energies that hold you back in your daily life.

Amanda Frances Become willing to forgive and release everything and everyone that gave you the impression that you were less than deserving of your desires.

Amanda Frances Understand the energy and frequency of money. Learn how to be an energetic match for money. From there, move into the energy of overflow / more-than-you-know-what-to-do-with.

Amanda Frances Discover why it is of high service to the planet for you to be supported. Drop the guilt. (Hint: Good people do good things with money.)

Amanda Frances Integrate trust and ease into the manifestation process. Allow money to come naturally and more easily than ever before.

Amanda Frances Facebook Course Community Group: Access to the September 2019 Money Mentality Mavens FB Group for additional support, wisdom and love from other MMM Mavens.
Amanda Frances Money Mentality Makeover Transcripts: Each training module has been transcribed for you! If you learn by reading instead of watching, or you just like to follow along with the video or audio, no big deal, I've got your back!
Amanda Frances Money Mentality Makeover Workbook! This workbook is designed to prompt you and support you and as you dig deep into the course content! It will provide a beautiful record of the goals you set and the process you went through as your desires materialize.
Amanda Frances A Weekly Meditation, Weekly Money Affirmations, and Truly Transformational Homework

Amanda Frances Drop the Mother Effing Money Struggle 10 Video Bundle

Amanda Frances Energy and Frequency of Money 7 Video Training Series

Amanda Frances Elevate into Overflow 5 Video Training Series

You get INSTANT ACCESS to these 22 videos IMMEDIATELY upon enrollment. Each video comes with affirmations, journal prompts, and guided inner-work - if you feel led to use them. These videos are loaded with tips, tricks, tools, strategy, healing, powerful energy, and fresh perspective around money. These bonuses alone are valued at over $4000. Each year, people rave about the results they receive from just these.

 Theses bonuses are yours immediately upon enrollment no matter which payment method you choose.

This course gave me the confidence to shoot for the stars and go big straight away.

My life has been completely transformed.

I was able to shift my deep limiting money beliefs at the core level.

The week I signed up for the course I manifested $10,000 from an unexpected real estate investment deal.

Amanda is straight to the point and transparent.

I can immediately feel a shift in my energy when I watch to this course. I revisit often for regular tune-ups.

I transformed my money mindset and activated new levels of receiving abundance into my life. This is the best investment I have ever made!!

Life & Business Coach

I fell in love with Amanda's energy and wanted to learn more from her. I felt crazy for wanting to join MMM, but I couldn't get it off my mind.

I enrolled with the payment plan, hoping I could afford the next payment. Toward the end of the course, I forgot about the payments altogether because they weren't an issue at all anymore.

Amanda is so genuine and cares about her students. She teaches that work is not a means to an end. My work is now such a joyful experience where I focus on projects that light up my soul.

My income more than doubled in my business rather quickly... $1500 months became $3000 months then $6000 months.

I don't find it hard to get what I want anymore. I know all my desires, financial and otherwise, are just a decision away.

I still listen to the course regularly to soak in the information, become re-inspired, and lift my vibe! This course grows with you as you reach new heights. It can never be antiquated.

Practitioner & Coach

Amanda has such a powerful energy.

Through this course I attracted new coaching clients, doubled my website visits and filled up my online course in my home country of Germany.

The course taught me how to go bigger – while focusing on how to best serve my clients and tribe.

It inspired me to create new offers and to believe in myself.

I value my work more than ever before.

I love Money Mentality Makeover.

Online Marketer

Hi! I'm Amanda Frances!

I am a business mentor to spiritual entrepreneurs, a digital course creator, and a world renowned thought leader on the subject of financial empowerment for women.

I didn't grow up wealthy. I didn't always believe that money was something that could come naturally and easily to me. I felt poor. I felt broke. I felt buried in debt. I felt limited. I felt constricted. I felt boxed in. I felt like the odds weren't in my favor.

Shifting my limiting beliefs, working through my blocks around money, healing, and releasing my negative money memories, and continually increasing my capacity for receiving money are easily some of the most significant accomplishments of my life thus far.

Once I did the work around my money mentality, everything changed. I follow the nine step process I teach in this course like my life depends on it.

When I first started working the steps in this course, I set the goal to earn $8k a month. Six months later, a $12k month. Two months after that, a $20k month. Nine months after that, a $48k month. Two months later, a $67k month. 11 months later, in February of 2017, I had my first six figure month at $109k. In July of 2017, Amanda France Inc earned $186k. In February of 2018, we began to have $250k months. (I share this because I want you to know that I built this one step and one day at a time.) In early 2019, we moved into $350k months. Our highest grossing month to date is $410k.

I have now had 31 back to back six figure months. And 19 multiple six figure months.

Amanda Frances Inc. is a multi-seven figure yearly company.

I'm a regular girl from Sand Springs, Oklahoma... living an extraordinary life.

Money is not about money. Money is about opportunity, freedom, and living more fully.

It is my intention to shift the power dynamics of the world by increasing the number of financially empowered women on this planet. I am here to get money into the hands of good hearted people. When women like us drop the guilt around our desire to have, and receive, money and disprove the fucked up beliefs and history standing in our way, the world changes.

I was so afraid to enroll and have the course not work for me.

During module one, I realized that I had a lot of unhelpful beliefs holding me back.

I was fearful of spending, was clinging onto finances that came in, and felt money couldn't be trusted.

I was expecting to only ever be a girl who had just enough to get by.

I believed that I had to work really hard and for really long hours exclusively to shift the financial state of my life and was often working myself sick.

Within two days, I received an unexpected bonus and an offer on an old car that was sitting in my back yard.

That's $2000 in the first two days of the course.

I've continued to receive more money – inside and outside of my business – including a random $100 bill in the mail!

And it’s not just about money. Amanda forces you to dig deep and identify the patterns that not only keep you stuck financially, but personally too.

Today, making and spending money is SO much easier.

It feels like a beautiful, natural flow.

I am attracting better clients in business, bigger opportunities to share my gifts with the world, and the right connections keep falling into my lap.

Network Marketer
Through the course, I started trusting my own intuition, ideas, and inspiration. And everything started to flow.

I went from earning $1,000 a month to $10,000 a month.

I started landing larger clients, traveling internationally more, and have purchased a new car.

I knew I was capable. Now my outer world is starting to match my inner desires.

I love having these videos on in the background of my life. Amanda's vibe keeps me in the flow.
I now know that doing it my way is truly best, that anything is possible, and that I can experience my dream life now.

This is just the beginning. 

Life Coach
The work in this course will show you where you've blocked every good thing from coming to you naturally and it will blow everything right open.

This course changed my entire life.
I now know when and how to check in with myself and the energy I put around everything I desire.
The tools in this course are priceless.

Not to mention, during the course, I received thousands of dollars through multiple sources.
I love Amanda's energy. I love to play the modules on long car rides and just be in her high vibe. I really appreciate how accessible her entire team is. They are so consistent and reliable.
This stuff is the real deal. Amanda is the real deal. This course is so worth it.
Retreat Leader, Yoga Teacher +
Owner -- Best Life Feng Shui

I reviewed the enrollment page a few times and thought to myself...

“This sounds good, but I’m not blonde, white, or skinny... I wonder if this will work for me?”

Then I saw the cost and thought, “What? How much for a money ‘mindset’ course— Yeah no, I’m not paying that.”

But I couldn’t get Amanda or the MMM program off my mind.

After I made the investment, I was extremely excited and cautiously expectant. I knew good things were going to happen, but I didn’t want to be disappointed if my results didn’t look like someone else’s. I focused on doing the work and being a good student. I listened to Amanda every single day religiously—while showering, driving, eating, sleeping (yes, even when sleeping!). I did the homework, posted about my progress, asked for feedback and encouragement when needed and supported my fellow MMM sisters in the group.

I started to notice little but special wins. A client hands me $25 in cash and tells me that she “just enjoyed my presence and energy” and felt compelled to give it to me. I am in sales for a high end product and I had never received cash from a client. Then, I sold $17,117.51 -- the largest sale I had ever closed at that point -- in less than 90 minutes with ease (a.k.a. no convincing, no needing to think about it, no comparing to other bids—-none of that crap!).

This was exactly one month after I joined! I was still on module one!

I was like “Holy shit this works, like it really works?!”

I love that Amanda stands unapologetically in her truth about money and challenges us (in the most loving and honest way possible) to do the same. She doesn’t shrink, excuse, justify, or belittle her desires, goals, or anything else — and in doing so, gives permission for others like myself to do the same.

She shows us that you can be yourself and still get what you want.

Every single human in the MMM community was awesome — so encouraging, positive, transparent, and vulnerable. Amanda has the ability to create a space where you feel a deep level of trust, so you can share your lowest of low and highest of high and no one judges you for it. While simultaneously being a space where you’ll receive honest feedback, so you can address what’s holding you back and move forward.

My life will never be the same. Amanda is my go-to expert for money mindset.

When I’m in a funk, I have tools to get out of it faster, because I’m more aware. I notice when a feeling of scarcity comes up and instead of ignoring or buffering with food, Facebook, or fill-in-the-blank thing, I can address it head on, because I know how. It doesn’t matter what’s going on with the government, the President, or anything else, because I’m confident that I’m not dependent on anyone or anything else and I’ll always be taken care of no matter what happens.

If you’re on the fence, and anything about Amanda’s style, energy, presence speaks to you, go for it.

I promise your life will never be the same.

I highly recommend this program, look forward to going through it again with this new class, and hope she offers it forever and ever.

Design Consultant
Amanda Frances Learn Amanda's process for remove limiting beliefs around money, healing past money memories, and forgiving money mistakes. In this module, you will learn how to get clear on what you truly want and remove everything in your way of having it.
Amanda Frances Amanda will help you pinpoint the energetically and financially draining money habits that you didn't even know you had. You will be given practices to transform your thought process around money and taught how to shift into a state of being able to receive abundance.
Amanda Frances This week is all about taking action from your new abundant state. This is about working smarter, following the Universal nudges, and creating additional income streams.
Amanda Frances Next level manifestation. Raising your energetic vibration instantly. Manifesting quickly. How to live out the principals from this course forever, so that the flow doesn't have to stop and so you can continually increase the amount of money you are available to receive over time.
Amanda Frances I love this module! This module is all about setting minimums and standards around what you desire to earn. You are now ready for your next level understanding around how money manifesting actually works.

Amanda Frances Holy Cuss Words! I am really pumped about this! This module is all about quantum leaping inside of your money manifestation goals. This is a big part of how I multiply my income each year.

I didn't feel aligned with Amanda at first, but I knew she had so much to teach me. I put all judgment aside and enrolled.
Then I binged on the course.
I quickly discovered that I had so many money blocks. From stories about "creatives don't make money" to ideas I picked up from my Dad not paying child support.

My annual income was below poverty line when I enrolled.

After working through my blocks with money using what Amanda teaches, 
my annual income doubled. And then doubled again. And will double every year from here. I am sure of it.

Today, my confidence and self assurance is higher than ever. I'm living with purpose and drive and I'm happy. I've learned so much and keep going back to the modules again and again.

Amanda is real. S
he goes off script (was there even a script?) and is in the group, in the thick of it with you. The group alone is worth it. I've gotten more out of this course than most 1:1 coaches.
Personal Brand Developer

Through the course, I was able to get clear and achieve my financial desires.

My income increased $6000 per month within 3 months of enrolling.

I was able to release significant debt, improve my credit, and step into my power with money.

I could not have done this without the tools, confidence, and courage I received from the course.

After years of self doubt, I am brave again!

Amanda is easy to follow and her content is presented in multiple ways to honor different styles of learning. She delivers teachings from the heart and relates the teachings to real life experiences.

Money Mentality Makeover completely shifted my life. It rewired my brain and allowed me to trust in myself again.

Medium, Teacher and Mentor

When I signed up, I made the decision to make my money back during the course.

I made it back times ten during the duration of the course.

And I've significantly increased my income.

The first month I was in the program, I had my biggest revenue month to date at $14,000.

The next month, I went through the modules again and had a $29,000 month.

I feel my vibration lift just by being in Amanda's presence.

I watch the bonuses and content over and over again.

I know my wealth and impact will only increase as time goes on!

I am so proud to say that, "I crushed it!"

Activist, Coach & Mentor

This course is held completely online!

The six 50+ minute modules have been recorded for you.

You receive instant access to the 17 hours of bonuses upon enrollment.

You have completely unlimited replays + lifetime updates to this course.

Alumni tell me that they love to go through this course again and again.

You will receive access to all bonuses immediately upon enrolling.

Module One Opens for you on 9/13.

Check your email upon enrolling!

If you have any questions email

I know how to work hard and push past any blocks thrown at me.

I wondered what a cute blonde from Tulsa could teach a black girl from NYC about money blocks?

During the course my boundaries snapped into place energetically. I stopped busting my ass for so many people.

As I really committed to MMM, I realized I no longer wanted to be an energetic match to simply "working hard for money."

As I shifted, I saw my checks at work adjust. I started receiving bigger fluffier paychecks.

People also started to notice my work and I have been recommended to two higher positions.

I started getting more clients. People began to beg to work with me. 

Getting paid has never been easier.

Amanda's processes and techniques have helped me create unexpected shifts in every area.

By letting go of what I was trying to control, Amanda shows me how to manifest miracles I never considered. Her style is chill, grounded, straightforward, and filled with loving purpose.

She moves naturally with love, energy, generosity and compassion.

She embodies a message of feminine luxury. She show us that being in the frequency of your own feminine joie de vivre, without inhibition or limitation, is the key to being the lighthouse that attracts all your desires into your life.

Money Mentality Makeover literally shifts you consistently.

You can't listen too much.

Amanda makes this shift accessible, affordable, and attainable. You feel affluent and welcomed the moment you step in. The blessings begin to flow and from there anything can happen.


I was in MMM class of 2018.

I wanted to share that I just beat my all time personal best monthly income and hit over $11k last month!

I am a hairdresser. I do not work online or in coaching. I have minimal social media presence. I did this while dealing with some real life crazy situations that really should have hurt my business.

Instead I have more than doubled my income by up-leveling my experience and expectations with money bit by bit the way Amanda teaches.

Amanda knows money. The more you stay in her vibe receiving with ease becomes your new normal.

Amanda’s strategies and methods are channeled from above. She truly has the gift of being able to teach things in a way that you just get it.

The lessons are timeless and priceless. The bonuses alone are worth the investment.

I am so thankful that I have lifetime access because when life happens and I need reminders of the truth and a shift in my perspective, the course is there for me.

I feel now that I am unstoppable. I know that no matter what business decision I make,  that I am fully supported and loved.

I would tell anyone thinking of signing up to treat yourself! You start to feel amazing and happy the very second you sign up for the course because that is how Amanda has energetically set it up.

Amanda not only believes in you and teaches you to believe in yourself, she continually shows you through her own life that there are no limits.

She makes it easy.

Sign up! You will love it and get so much out of it.


I couldn’t afford to do this course, but in the same breath I knew that I couldn’t afford not to do it either.

My life is not even remotely the same.

I immediately started bringing in more and more money as my limiting beliefs started to shift.

Within 2 months, my husband was offered his dream job that he had been trying to get for over 4 years, this nearly tripled our income!

When I went on maternity leave to have my 3rd child I barely worked and had my biggest month in business.

I’ve finally found the balance between my business and motherhood that I have wanted for years.

Amanda taught me how to truly let it be easy!

Recently, a relative found a life insurance policy for my parents who had died over 20 years ago that me and my siblings are entitled too.

I knew this is because of the deep healing that I have done through MMM! I was finally available to receive what was mine.

You will feel the powerful intentions that Amanda put into the course, I felt shifts during the first module. Just by being in her energy and the container that she's created, I experienced healing.

Because of this work, my children won't have to go through life with the same feelings of lack that I did.

I feel so lucky to have this for me and my family!

This is the best program you can do to heal your relationship with money and create the future you desire.

This is the best thing I've ever done for myself.

Intimacy & Feminine Flow Coach

What if I am not an entrepreneur? Is this still for me? Yes! Many people, including teachers, attorneys, psychologists, and stay at home parents have taken and loved this course. They report receiving pay increases, promotions, and new job offers, manifesting through their partners, discovering new streams of income, receiving very unexpected money out of fucking no where and feeling incredible in their overall experience with money. You can clean up your relationship with money and receiving money more easily no matter whether you are an entrepreneur or not. Becoming an energetic match for money works no matter what your job is or is not. The energy of money is not limited by anything.

I'm super busy right now. What if I don't have time to take the course now? A module will be delivered each week, but is up to you when you start. You have this content forever. And you can take the course completely at your own pace. Often students love the course so much that they go through it more than once.
Are you offering a payment plan? YES! I love payment plans. You will find the payment options when you click to order.
What can I expect from this course? A thoughtful, fun, loving environment. Inspired content. A new posse who believes in you. A renewed belief in yourself. Fresh perspective. Meditations. Affirmations. Manifestation steps laid out for you. Progress. Movement in the direction of more money and more freedom.

What is your refund policy? I only have had two people ever ask for a refund for this course. I do not believe that you are going to want one, but I understand how the option to request one makes signing up a little easier. So here is the deal: You get access to 14 hours of bonuses immediately. Upon enrollment, please take three days to dig into the bonuses and see if my teaching style is for you. Within 3 days after your enrollment, if you do not feel you are in the right place, please send the homework for the first three videos of the Elevate into Overflow bonus to and I will personally process your refund.

Can you guarantee specific results? I love this course and I deeply believe in the principles in it. The testimonials on this page are from real live people who signed up for the course, did the work, and got some really cool results. According to my attorney, I need to say this to you... DISCLAIMER: I don't guarantee or warrant results or increased income. The testimonials on this page may not be typical for all students.

More Questions?! email for help!

I could always manifest things but not money. My fear around finances was strong. It seemed impossible to break through. I needed a miracle.

This course changed my life.

I have miraculously manifested thousands of dollars. Discovering unexpected checks in the mail has become normal. I'm attracting more and more clients and amazing opportunities to be paid for my gifts all of the time.

My mindset changed - and so did my bank account.

Two years after taking the course, I became sick. Because of the amount of money I had been earning, I was able to take off for over six months off to focus on my healing. I could not have done this without the course.

I now get to live out my dreams and get paid just to be myself, serve the world, and take care of myself in an epic way. I do not know where I would be today without my money makeover.

Therapist & Lifestyle Coach

Before signing up I was reading this page thinking, "Yeah right! That's impossible!"

Right away money started showing up for me unexpectedly on the ground, in the mail and even having a client insisting to pay me $100 extra just because!

I went from being scared to raise my prices in my business to not only tripling them but having clients excited to pay more.

Amanda's energy inspires you to go so much bigger and not be shy about asking for more in your life. I now have an entirely new energy around spending and receiving money. I don't have to stress or force the flow anymore, I'm excited to pay bills, shop, and invest in my business.

I never believed this would be possible for me, but it's so easy now because Amanda teaches you exactly what's been keeping you stuck and holding you back. I healed blocks I didn't even know I had.

I now make more in one day than I used to make in a month. And even celebrated a $12k day.

I truly couldn't be more grateful. This has changed my entire life!!

Holistic Life Coach

I used to be paralyzed by my money fears.

When I dove into the course, things started to click instantly. I felt different. I felt more in control.

Shortly after enrolling, I walked into a coffee shop and received a $1,000 check, I got 3 private clients in 13 days, and had a $5,000 week.

It just keeps getting easier.

Before Amanda, I lived and worked just to pay the bills. Since this course, anytime a fear comes up, I know what to do to remove it.

I feel like I gained a superpower by taking this course.

Web Designer and Brand Strategiest

Receive the six training modules + 17 hours of bonuses + community support group.

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It is not too late to enroll.

** If you are enrolling now, I encourage you to do so intentionally. Decide what this moment means to you and for you. Feel into what gets to shift, change, and rearrange for you. Do this on purpose. I love you. I believe in you. I'm proud of you.

** By enrolling in this course, you agree to my Standard Terms and Conditions.