MONEY VIBES: Overflow, debt perception, and the energy of increase.

In a world where financial worries can often dominate our thoughts, the concept of living in a state of overflow may seem like an elusive dream. But what if I told you that it’s not only possible but it is 100% within your reach? In this article, we’re talking about three essential mindset shifts that can help you embrace abundance and transform your relationship with money.


Let’s feel into the state of overflow, which is simply having more than enough.

Imagine the sensation and reality of receiving money; being paid on time or early; receiving the raise, advancement, or increase; having the best clients, or whatever it is you desire. Feel into that. (Notice this is very different than expecting to come up short each month, having just barely enough, or scraping by. We have all been there, but this is not the only option for you. It’s important you know that.)

Feel into surplus, overflow, and abundance. And ask yourself this: What beliefs and visions must you shift / hold for this to become your reality? What would you be saying and believing if you knew this was where you were going? Perhaps journal on that today.

Say it with me: My wealth is in a perpetual state of expansion. I am always experiencing increase. I raise my standards and expect more. I am here for more.


Debt isn’t inherently good or bad; it is a deliberate decision to pay something off over time. You haven’t fucked up by having debt, you have simply opted for gradual repayment.

I have many times chosen debt, intentionally. I’ve used student loans, credit cards and mortgages as catalysts for expanding my wealth, choosing my paths and improving my life situations. I believe my debt has served me. It was what I had to work with, and so I worked it.

Forgive yourself for any and all debt. And know you are worthy of all you used debt to buy, receive, etc. Let it go.

Know this: If you view debt as a burden, you will feel burdened by it and buried under it. If you view it as a choice, you stay empowered with it.

Let’s release the idea of the burden and hold on to the vibration of more than enough.

As your financial situation improves and as you move into the state of more than enough, you will find that the debt no longer serving you will become irrelevant and unnecessary. Overflow will eliminate debt. Always and forever, amen.


Everything is energy and everything has energy. Money possesses its unique vibrational frequency that you can attune to and resonate with, while calling more into your life. But it’s not as simple as just tuning into it. There are, of course, complexities.

We did not all come from the same place. We do not all have identical traumas and fears to overcome. And each of our paths to abundance will be unique. There are, however, common fears and beliefs many of us go through. You are not alone in what you are experiencing. And you do not have to stay stuck in it.

As you move though your fears, melt unhelpful memories, remove beliefs that don’t serve you… all of this will get clearer and easier for you. And over time you will find, it is very simple. And with nothing in your way, simply tuning into money will be the vibe for calling more in, at your choosing.

As you redefine money’s role in your life and reorganize your relationship with it, you’ll find that you have more power than you knew. Money has no mind of its own. In many ways, it was always responding to you and your thoughts, feelings and expectations around it. You are in charge of how you think and feel about it, how you work with it, what you expect from it and how you organize and create the whole damn thing.

As you move down this path, trusting yourself more and more, you’ll trust yourself to have and use money simply as you desire, and require. And that’s a whole vibe.