Network Marketers Blueprint

Girlfriend, you are not alone.

So many women each year join a network marketing company with dreams of increased freedom, time with your family and friends, and a full-time income for very part time work…

… it isn’t a pipe dream.

There are countless network marketers killing it in their unique companies.

However, more often than not, you get stuck. You sign up a few friends and family members and then within a few months you hit a wall and start to think this BS thought,
“It’s ok...I didn’t really want it THAT bad anyway.”

But you did. You did want it THAT bad.

You do deserve this. What you desire is possible.

And it is way too effing soon to give up.
Amanda Frances You have begun to think that success is only for a few “special” people

Amanda Frances You are buying into the lie that you don’t have what it takes

Amanda Frances Your sponsor enrolled you and left you hanging

Amanda Frances You are feeling confused about the exact steps you need to take to finally bring in consistent customers and distributors

Amanda Frances You are afraid that the financial and time investment was a waste

Amanda Frances You are worried you will have to tell people you failed

Amanda Frances You fear your friends and family are rolling their eyes behind your back every time you post online about your business

Amanda Frances You feel crazy because others make it look so easy and it seems like they are hiding the “secrets” to success

Amanda Frances You are desperately craving freedom—in your time, your finances, your life

Amanda Frances You wish someone would take you by the hand, show you the way, break this shit down and help you create a simple system that feels freakin exciting and aligned with who you are
It is possible to experience the financial freedom, extreme flexibility, and location independence of a network marketer.

And it’s normal to feel stuck. We’ve both been there.

But if Oprah can be fired from her first television job and today be worth 2.9 billion (according to Forbes) --- you can figure this shit out.

It’s possible. It’s so possible.

But you are going to need a strategy.

Luckily, we have one for you.


Hi! I'm Amanda! I'm a business coach for spiritual entrepreneurs, a digital course creator, and an next level money manifesting queen.

I didn't grow up wealthy. I did always believe that money was something that could come naturally and easily to me. I felt poor. I felt broke. I felt buried in debt. I felt limited. I felt constricted. I felt boxed in. I felt like the odds weren't in my favor.

Shifting my limiting beliefs and working through my blocks around money, healing and releasing my negative money memories, and continually increasing my capacity for receiving money are easily some of the most significant accomplishments of my life thus far. 

When I first started combining spiritual/energetic principals with practical business steps, I set the goal to earn $8k a month. Six months later, a $12k month. Two months after that, a $20k month. Nine months after that, a $48k month. Two months later, a $67k month. 11 months later, in February of 2017, I had my first six figure month at $109k. Today, I earn $250k each month.

I have more more than doubled my revenue every year since I've started this business.

Amanda Frances Inc. is projected to earn $3 million dollars this year. (Though I plan to earn $4 million. #cantstopwontstop)

I'm a regular girl from Sand Springs, Oklahoma... living an extraordinary life.

Money is not about money. Money is about opportunity, freedom, and living more fully.

It is my intention to increase the number of of wealthy, empowered women their are on this planet. When women like you drop the guilt around their desire to earn and disprove the negative money beliefs standing in your way, the world changes. I am here to give you ever practical tool and spiritual principal I have from designing a life and business beyond your wildest dreams.


Andrea leads a team of thousands of network marketing distributors and their team is ranked in the top .01% of the company. Her personal earnings are in the top 1% of all network marketers in the world (according to google).

But it didn’t start off that way.

Her first 18 months in business were hardcore hustle that left her burnt out and questioning if she’d ever “make it.” That’s when she started learning about the law of attraction and manifesting concepts.

Right away she started putting these spiritual principles at the foundation of her business and within the next 18 months she hit the six-figure mark and has since made over seven figures in her business.

It was the critical missing link or “secret” she had been looking for.

Together their expertise is something that the network marketing community has never seen before.

Practical strategy paired with powerful spiritual principles that not only help you to build a successful business but do it in a way that feels liberating and f’ning fun! Because #duh - joy is a high mother f’ning vibration that attracts MORE to be joyful about (including massive abundance.)
We noticed a big problem with training for network marketers

Were you taught to send cold invites, spamming X number of people/day with “this magic script”? “It’s a numbers game. If you just invite enough people, you’re bound to get a yes.”

Maybe that worked before, but it doesn’t now.

Sending cold invites to large numbers of people each day feels gross, disconnected and is pretty much the equivalent of walking up to a stranger and asking them if they want to sleep with you.
Not only are people immune to it on social, but it doesn’t feel good to build a business that way.
We are here to help you to:
Amanda Frances Rise above the noise.
Amanda Frances Stand out from the crowd.
Amanda Frances Grow an online presence based on your truth.
Amanda Frances Create a brand where people COME TO YOU to learn about the opportunity to work with you.

We will ask you to:
Amanda Frances Show the f*ck up
Amanda Frances Examine and shift your limiting beliefs
Amanda Frances Adopt a new mindset and strategy around your business
Amanda Frances Infuse more joy and passion into your work
Amanda Frances Have more fun!!

We will empower you to:
Amanda Frances Manifest cash money, advancements, sign ups, and product sales with ease.
Amanda Frances Share content online that draws people to you.
Amanda Frances Ditch the fear of around growing your business, sharing the opportunity, and failing.
Amanda Frances Form a completely new relationship with money, manifesting, and your own worthiness.
Amanda Frances Step into the unlimited possibilities that exist all around you when you combine the practical and energetic in this way.

Once upon a time, it was a big no-no to talk about God and business in the same sentence. God wasn’t welcome in the boardroom.

But here we are, writing a sexy little sales page breaking all kinds of rules, aren’t we? And guess what… you like it, huh?

Because you get it.
It’s the missing link.

You are starting to realize that the magic “secret” to your success is right inside of you. It’s been there all along. You just aren’t quite sure how to begin tapping into it to attract what you WANT. HINT: There are things you’re doing right now that are literally repelling people away from you.

That’s why we created this little gem of a course, boo.

We wanted to make this shit easy AF for you to grasp and execute. We’ll take the very same spiritual concepts that we employ in our businesses today and wrap them up with a pretty little Chanel bow so you can get your hustle on and build the momentum in your business you’ve been craving.

Week One -- Craft Your Dream Business + Clarify Your Purpose + Create Your Life Plan

Week Two -- Shift Your Energy + Change Your Mind + Step into Infinite Receiving

Week Three -- Implementation Week -- No Live Call, but We Will Drop Some Sick Bonuses!

Week Four -- Social Media Plan + Marketing Strategies + Authentic Branding

Week Five -- Manifesting for Network Marketers -- Unf*ck Your Mindset + Release the Stories

Week Six -- Leadership Development + Attracting Amazing Talent to Your Team + Why Cookie Cutter Duplication is BS and Only Works For a Select Few

Amanda Frances Bi-Weekly Meditations, Weekly Affirmations, and Truly Transformational Homework

Amanda Frances What if I am new to network marketing? Is this still for me?  Yes! Oh love, let's create your business on a solid foundation and save you years of time and oodles of energy.

Amanda Frances I'm super busy right now. What if I don't have time to take the course now?  It is up to you when you start. You have this content forever. And you can take the course completely at your own pace. We suspect you'll love it so much that you'll go through the content more than once.

Amanda Frances Are you offering a payment plan? YES! We love payment plans. You will find the payment options at the bottom of this page.

Amanda Frances What can I expect from this course? A thoughtful, fun, loving environment. Inspired content. A new posse who believes in you. A renewed belief in yourself. Fresh perspective. Meditations. Affirmations. Energetic and practical steps laid out for you. Progress. Movement in the direction of more money and more freedom.

Amanda Frances What is your refund policy? Please note, all sales are final. There are no refunds on this program. Email us at if you have any questions about the program before making your purchase!

Amanda Frances Can you guarantee specific results? We love this content deeply and believe in the principals in it, however, we don't guarantee or warrant results or increased income.

Amanda Frances Is this for all network marketers? Due to Andrea's affiliation, we are unable to sell this to Beachbody Coaches.

More Questions?! 
email for help!

All the modules have been recorded for you.

Do not worry, you have all content for life. (Like, until you die.)

Amanda Frances has built a seven-figure empire from training women entrepreneurs through digital courses.

Andrea Crowder's personal earnings put her is in the top 1% of network marketers in the world.

We are severely underpricing this offer.

The most important info is always in the fine print, isn't it? Good girl for reading this. If you really wanna see your income move, invite your downline to do this course with you? Duplication is the key to faster income growth and residual income. Or keep this to yourself and grow slow and painfully... your call. (Wink wink.)

Get the 6 module course + receive all updates and bonuses for life:

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*** We are going to say it again: We are not selling this course to Beachbody coaches. By completing this enrollment you are confirming that you are NOT a Beachbody coach.

*** By enrolling in this course you are also agreeing to our Standard Terms and Conditions.

*** Since Andrea mentions her income FTC law requires us to say: Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach's income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill.

*** We do not guarantee or warrant results or increased income to students in this course. Do the work. Create your own destiny. We are happy to help.

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