New Vlog: Say “YES!” to life.

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When I had the idea to see New York at Christmas between spending time with my family in Louisiana and going to visit the manfriend’s family in Bar Harbor, Maine, I thought I was being a little bit crazy.

Per usual, every time I think, “Who are you to do that?” I am right on track.

Today I encourage you to follow your impulses and your dreams, to step out of your comfort zone regularly, and to say, “YES!” to life.

There will always be the fear of falling on your ass on the ice, falling on your face in life, or some how missing the mark.

BUT you are fucking fabulous. You’ve got this. You can trust yourself. The occasional fall is part of the game (and usually a really important life lesson).

You may feel crazy, stupid or vulnerable each time you put yourself out there, follow a dream, or have a crazy idea, but that’s okay. Keep going.

Feel the fear/anxiety/vulnerability. Take a deep breath. And do it anyway.

God is on your side. Life loves you. And the Universe has your back. 

Remember: No risk; No reward.



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Big love, 


Amanda Frances

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