Pajama Dresses ;)

Lord knows we have all heard of and been terrified by pajama jeans. You can not (I repeat CANNOT) wear elastic at that top of your pants unless you are prego! Despite this, I am a fan of comfort. The primary reason my J-brand jeans are my favorite ever is the stretchy Japanese twill. This, however, is completely beside the point. The point is like most of you, I sacrifice comfort for fashion regularly and I love it when I don’t have to. This is why the pajama dress, any dress that is stretchy and comfy is my new favorite thing.

And this little LBD was my favorite ever when I wore for the first time last week to dinner, drinks, and to pick my manfriend up from the airport. I was so comfy and I still felt dressed up and pretty – Perfect! :)


Dance, sing, laugh, drink, or do cartwheels (as I unfortunately found myself doing on new years) – you’ll be ready for where ever the night, your cocktails, and your friends take you!

To look for a dress with some stretch do a little dancey-dance in the fitting room or look for words like jersey, knit, lycra, spandex, and cotton.

 {dress: christian cota – shoes: michael, michael kors – earrings: jessica simpson – bracelet: forever 21]