How I became a PhD Dropout…

I have something a little special for you today!

On May 1st, 2014, I made a decision that changed everything for me…

… if I had not made this decision or delayed it a moment longer, I might not be speaking to you right now.

Today… instead of speaking to you as 2017 Amanda who earns six figures a month and has been thriving at this online biz thing for a good minute now.

I am going to share 2014 Amanda’s words. She was 28 years old. She had started coaching business on the side a few years before. And this was one of her first videos.

She had no idea how she was going to grow or run a business… but she felt a tug/a calling to be really happy, earn a f*ckton of money and make a big difference…

From 28 year old Me: 

Today I have a really special topic that’s close to my heart.

As you guys know, I believe in doing what you love.

I believe in creating a life you love, believing in yourself, believing in your gifts, believing your gifts are enough

…and that using your gifts to make a difference in the world is what you were made to do.

Whatever we are good at, whatever we love, is what we are called to do. It doesn’t have to be the best at it or perfect at it.

I find that when I love it, It doesn’t feel like hard work. When I love what I do I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

When I love what I do I find myself getting better at it all the time.

To me it has become most important to do what I love, to enjoy my life.

Like to really, really enjoy my life.

And to make decisions that feel good to me.

To follow my gut.

And my intuition.

And to never settle.

It has become more and more apparent that a part of my life is not something that I love.

This is not something that I enjoy.

It’s actually something that I dread.

Something that no matter how much I endeavor to bring all my light, love, energy, and happiness to this situation.

This is a situation that’s not for me.

This situation drains me.

Takes away my creativity.

It’s not what I was made to do.

It’s not following my bliss.

And so I’ve chosen to quit my PhD program.

And I find myself relating to a lot of clients I’ve had over the years who have chosen to…

– quit the job
– leave the relationship
– make a change…

… and follow their heart in ways that really scared them but in ways that ended up empowering them.

I’ve been in this situation a couple of times before… And it’s always the right thing to do.

Following my bliss…

Following what made me happy…

Was always the right answer.


So, I’ve chosen to make this decision and I feel the fear and the what ifs and my ego going:

What about this?

What about this?

What about that?


You know what those what if sounds like: 

– What if the business doesn’t work?

– What if you don’t make enough money?

– What if the economy crashes?

– What if people don’t like life coaches anymore?


What if, I don’t even know.

Like what if… what if.. what if..


– Who are you if you don’t have a PhD.

– Who are you if this.

– Who are you if that.


All those limiting beliefs that makes it say that you’re not enough.

Those are always bullshit, as you always are enough.

It doesn’t matter your age.

Your income, your looks, whatever fuck the economy is doing.

Eff if people think you’re too old or not smart enough or not pretty enough or whatever.


If you have a dream, it’s in your heart for a reason.

And there’s a way for you to make it happen.


I am saying no to the negative thought and I’m choosing the loving thought that is.

I choose to love myself.

I choose to take care of myself.

I choose to do what enables me to bring the most light into the world.

And that is not being in this program any longer.


So I’m really happy about leaving, I know I’m following my gut and my heart and a bigger dream.

A PhD has been one of my dreams for a long time, but this other thing I feel growing inside of me that has to do with the work that I do in my coaching just feels really big.

It feels really important.

It feels like the direction of my heart.


I promise you, I will be an example someone living their dreams and making it work in the world.

Earning money doing what they love.

And living out all of the things that I preach every time I pick up this camera around my block.


I hope that something from this message today resonated with you and encouraged you in some way to have the kind of life that you want.

To go after your dreams.

To live a little bigger.

Live a little brighter.

And make a big difference in the world.


I share with you what I said back then for one reason: To show you that you aren’t crazy.

I am now doing all of the things I said I would do… plus way more.

I’m not any different than you.

I am a girl with a dream.

If I can do it… dear God, you can do it too.

It’s time to walk away from a dream when you no longer love it, when it no longer lights you up, when it no longer excites you.

Life is way to short to stay in a situation that you hate. This doesn’t serve anyone.

It’s a myth that this kind of sacrifice makes you stronger, does you good, or is nobel.

When an old dream no longer serves you and you feel a new dream emerging, I pray you will have the courage to walk away.



My most watched Youtube video: Why I quit my PhD Program.

What do you think about this vlog?

Have you ever had to give up on an old dream to make room for a a new dream?

My best advice… stay in the holding pattern, let the desire build up… don’t ignore what you want…

… and if you’re like me… one day you’ll find yourself making a big, crazy move.

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So excited! I love you!

I love you.

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