Play a Bigger Game with Money

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Today, I am sharing with you ten minutes of a one hour interview I recently recorded with my good friend, Sarah Love.
My intention that this video blesses you, expands your capacity to receive, and increases your understanding of how money can work for you.
Sarah asked me some really good Qs.
This video is a compilation of some of my answers.
I haven’t watched this yet as I’ve had some super spot-y wifi this week in the Caribbean.
But this is the vibe I’m told is inside:
Some people call me a business coach.
Some people call me a money teacher.
I think I’m a person who has spent their lives studying personal development and metaphysics, who was also the most fascinated by money.
I have taken everything I know about spiritual and energetic principles, and applied it to money.
To me it felt like many women were supposed to be ashamed of wanting money. And that that wanting it made us greedy or selfish or wrong.
As though we are supposed to be more humble than that, or more thankful than that.
I came in saying, “You can be spiritual as fuck. You can meditate every day. You can love God and do service work. But you have to be supported. You have to have money to do the things you’re here to do on this planet. There’s nothing wrong with wanting money, and there’s nothing wrong with having a fuck ton of money and using it well.”
I’ve never seen a man be ashamed that he wanted a nice car, or got a promotion.
Women feel so guilty and greedy for a desire of a bigger life.
And were meant to have a bigger life. 
I feel like the space I hold is like this massive example of you can have more, you can do more, there’s nothing wrong with it, God’s not mad at you for wanting it.
I view myself as the wealthy women.
I’m not available for fluctuation around money. 
>> Money just is. <<
And because I believe that money just is in my life, money continues to be in my life.
And it’s that confident expectation that I hold in my vibration that allows money to be this way.
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In the interview I also riff on:
>> What it means to hold space for others while they transform their experience with money
>> Why you may be blocking the natural flow of money
>> How to shift
>> How to play a bigger game with money
>> Why courses and programs sell so well
>> How I became a leader in my industry
I’m super jazzed for you to see this!
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**This episode was taken ‘Embrace The Rainbow’ a training program by Sarah Love. More details here.
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