Crazy for Prints!

Hi Lovers!

A print is a fun way to add variety to your everyday looks!

This fun Tibi Dress was something I ordered for my interview with Vince Camuto. (Read the article: here.) I usually stick to small prints as they are more flattering, but this dress is so fun and varied in it’s pattern and colors, that I decided to try it out.

It turned out to be a perfect re-wear with the Vince Camuto shoes that I received at the interview.

Try out a print dress, shirt, skirt, or scarf to add a little fun to your favorite looks.


pretty girl - tibi dress - vince camuto pumps

light streaming - park - steps - heels


cat eye and red lips and long hair

vince camuto shoes black

tibi print dress with vince camuto shoes

 (dress: Tibi – shoes: Vince Camuto – necklace: JC Pennys)



Prints and love,


Amanda Frances