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Good Morning Lovers!

If you’ve known me very long, you know I love quotes! I love to read them, find them, make my own and share them everywhere. If you follow me on my Facebook Page, Fanpage, or Twitter you make have noticed my daily quotes that post each day at 11:11 am CST. Since we all need a little a little extra inspiration in life, I’ve decided to start sharing them here too! This particular week, they are all by me and inspired by my life. Enjoy!


[Tweet “Give yourself permission to enjoy your life today. – @XoAmandaFrances”]

I know it seems like a Monday, but it’s actually just an opportunity for a really awesome day. – Amanda Frances

[Tweet “Bitter doesn’t look good on anyone. – @XoAmandaFrances”]

I don’t play the wait-around game. If someone isn’t making you a priority, that’s okay. Just go do your own thing. – Amanda Frances

[Tweet “Be willing to let other people have a bad day. It’s not about you. – @XoAmandaFrances”]

Where your heart leads is the place you want to be. Where you heart leads you, you have what it takes to do it. – Amanda Frances

[Tweet “When an adventure presents itself always say “Yes!” – @XoAmandaFrances”]


Have a fabulous Monday! 


Amanda Frances