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Receive Money + Love + Support While You Sleep

The purpose of this meditation is to help you get into a receptive energy so that your desires, your wants, your needs, your longings all come to you naturally and with ease.

This is a meditation for leaning back.

This is the meditation for trusting.

The is the meditation for noticing how much support is actually available to you.

Infused with binaural beats, delta waves, subliminal messages with Amanda Frances Affirmations, this guided sleep meditation is designed to ensuring your sleep is relaxed, comfortable and deep while supporting you in programming your subconscious mind to receive the love, money and support you desire.

Warning: It is important that you do not drive or operate machinery while listening to this or any sleep meditation infused with binaural beats and delta waves.

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Remember: It’s safe to relax.

It’s safe to receive

It’s time to know that support, money and love are actually available to you now.

But you have to open up. You have to become willing to receive.

Say it with me: Everything is working to support me.

I am so loved.

I am so divinely taken care of.

I do get to have it all.

As you listen to this meditation and feel these feelings, you will become a match for divine support and guidance.

From there, it is going to show up more, and more, and more.

This meditation will play for 8 hours after the initial guided meditation concludes. The music and subliminal messages will continue. Do not worry, the subliminal messages are the same words you hear me speaking throughout the guided part of this meditation.

You will love this.

You Tube Video: >> Receive Money While You Sleep <<

Podcast Episode: >> Ep 55: Meditation! Receive Money + Support While You Sleep <<


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