Hi my loves!

People are always asking me what resources, tools, and systems I use to run my business. 

So... I made you a little resource guide! 

I believe, deep in my soul, that this is your year to rise the f up. 

Below are my recommendations for the best email provider, mircrophone, page builder, etc. etc. etc.

I love you.

Let me guess... you are realizing you've outgrown your free email provider?

 That's okay, AWeber has your back. It's user friendly and my favorite option for new digital entreprenuers.

Leadpages has gotten better. You can now customize your page... like big time. 

PS: We made this page through Leadpages.

This is the calendar I use for clients and future clients to book their sessions. I like that I can select a different schedule for every single day of the month.

Which is perfect if you travel a lot and have an ever changing schedule. 

I have two pairs of these. 

One that stays in my LV pouch in my purse (on the go). 

One that stays connected to my computer (at home). 

I love them that much. 

Frontend Builders are great because they sit on top of your website and let you drag-and-drop design sales pages. 

This is our favorite for sales pages and opt-in pages.

Sometimes you feel more like a bad-ass boss lady with these on.  

It's just a truth of life.

Follow me on Spotify: Boss Lady Playlists.

Plug it into your laptop -- experience amazing, professional sound quality in all of your trainings, webinars, podcasts, courses etc.

You need this.

Okay, so I personally have a huge pink arm chair for my desk chair... 

But I am 100% putting two of these in my office to go across from my desk.

Good Lighting can up your entire webinar/vlogging game super quickly.

This is the lighting I use.

Confession: Planners stress me out. 

I don't have one. 

The fact that I run a business that made 500k last year without a planner is hard to grasp, I know...

But if I was going to use one, I think it'd be this one.

I love, love, love my Parsons Desk. So Chic... so clean... 

So ready for you to put pretty thigns on.  

I love my desk.

Pictured here: My Desk.

I'm a fan of temp tattoos. 

And these by Danielle Laporte give you one more way to drop some truth into your daily life.

These mats are so groovy. I am obsessed.

This is the one that I have:

Best Yoga Mat

I love to burn a candle + set an intention.

I have done this around several different goals in my life and business. 

Set an intention + move energy:

Face moisturizer. Body lotion. Shave cream. 

Everyting I use coconut oil for here.

I use coconut oil for everything. 

THis one is organic, extra virgin, and cold pressed. 

It's my VERY favorite coconut oil. 

30 minute workouts. 

Simple food plan. 

More energy. 

Better sleep. 

Quick results. 

I mean... duh.

Before and After Photo

I haven't bought these...


I have friends that swear by them. 

No matter what weight you need (you typically go heavier over time) these bad-boys are there for you.

I'm so buying.

Some of the above links are affiliate links, meaning, I may recieve a commision if you purchase one of the above products. However, I only recommend things that I truly love and have used in my life and biz.