Secret Project: The Money Book

Most money books are written from a place that is — quite simply put — basic AF.

And I get it, there are some rudimentary principles that 90% of the world is unaware of and they need to be taught on.

The problem is -- if you are here --

Rich AF money book, Amanda Frances

You know the basics. You’ve heard the rules and laws.

You know what manifestation is.

For many years, I have taught on money at many different levels.

I know receiving. I understand earning, saving, and investing. I get how to eliminate debt. I know how to apply this to families, marriages, careers, businesses and brands.

I have taught money at every level, from women ready to move past minimum wage to women ready to take their revenue from millions to multimillions.

While my digital course and training bundles around money all include foundational topics, if you are in them you have noticed:

Rich AF the Money book

Money is not a shallow topic. There is so much more than just the vibration of receiving. And if one more person in the personal development world says, “I just did what I loved and had a quantum shift and the money followed…” I will die.

(And I can speak from working with some of them, that while some of these people have made some money, they do not have a clean, clear, easy, flow-based relationship with money. And they lie about it all the time.)

Doing what you love is a given, but what about the fears, trauma, pain, misunderstandings, limiting beliefs, doubts, and energetic dynamics for how money works for you?

Who has written a book on what to do with that?

What about becoming so comfortable with not just receiving money -- but having and keeping money -- that debt disappears, overflow occurs, savings is built, real estate is built, and intelligent investments are made.

What has written a book on how to do that?

And I am here to write the money book that will actually help people heal when it comes to your relationship with money.

And create an entirely new experience with money. 

I am here to write a money book that is not a just regurgitation of things I heard and sort of get and kind of applied to make money one time. Or pay off debt one time. Or raise my income one time.

These I things I do to continually grow my income and my company’s revue, stabilizing new higher levels of profit as we go.

Now, of course, I do have to cover the basics in this book, but I promise to do it in shallow way. We will keep it fun, simple, revolutionary, freedom-based way that makes you feel like you haven’t heard this shit before.

And then we will take it deeper.

I will include stories and examples that I have never shared before.

I am writing a book. Amanda Frances style.

Meaning, I am writing this thing with you.

I am releasing to you the completed first draft of the 10 chapters written over the past 10 months.

And I will self-publish it.

I turned down negotiations with a big five publishing company to do this.

Because I have to do it my way. #dowhatyouknow

While I may potentially sell it to a publisher later, but for now, I know exactly what I need to do.

I need to do it with you and in real time.

If you are ready to go on this journey with me...


First read of the book and it's fresh content, never before heard stories, and classic AF truths.

The bonuses listed on this page (choose your Club Level below).

A container of supportive humans who are into money, manifestation, healing, and the writing process.

First look of the book cover, first reveal of the book title, and first watch of "The Money Video."

Insight into how I move through, heal and process fear, doubt and disbelief in the midst of a new endeavor -- and make it wildly successful.



Amanda Frances is a world-renowned thought leader on financial empowerment for women.

Through her wildly popular digital course, large social media presence, the weekly "And She Rises" podcast, and regularly released free meditations and trainings she commissions women to designing lives and businesses they are wildly obsessed with.

Her mission is to get the power of money into the hands of good hearted women who are here to change the world.

She has written for Forbes, Business Insider and Elephant Journal.

Combining her background in ministry as well as mental health counseling with practical business advice and a deep knowledge of spiritual and energetic principles, Amanda isn’t quite like any other ‘business coach’ you’ve encountered.

A true self-made women, while putting herself through graduate school Amanda taught herself how to build her first website.

Nine years later, Amanda Frances Inc is a multimillion dollar global brand with clients and students in 85 countries generating between $400k-$580k a month.

She credits her success to her sheer determination, a deep desire to serve others, and an unwavering belief in her own dreams.

Amanda put herself through school, earning a Masters of Science in Counseling from Southern Methodist University and a Bachelors in Psychology from Oral Roberts University.

She is a native of Tulsa, Oklahoma -- but in July 2016 -- she put everything in storage and took off to see the world before buying a home in Los Angeles, California.

If you choose to go on this journey with me, you will be in a private online "book club" with my team, my high level clients and me.

You can share your insights, revelations, shifts, transformations, details on what you are learning, etc. My team will be in the group each day. I will be watching from a little more of a distance, but will be in the group throughout the week. 

You will receive the completed first draft — all ten chapters of the book — upon enrollment.

Depending on what Club Level you choose, you will receive various bonuses.


Bonuses Available:

Complete First Draft of all 10 chapters. Be the first ever to read the book!

Facebook discussion group. Dig into the book with me, my team, and each other.

Exclusive first look at the book cover and title. This will be revealed in your group!

Early access to "The Money Video" that Amanda has been filming all over the world. This will be used in late 2020 to announce the book; you get first watch.

Two signed copies of the book sent to you the week of the release. (My team is VERY excited and is looking into pink packaging, gold bookmarks, etc to make receiving the book a very vibe-y experience for everyone who is a part of this offer.)

My personal notes and journal entries concerning the struggles, challenges, and insights of writing a book and what affirmations, mindset hacks, and new beliefs I am using to overcome them are already in the Facebook group waiting for you.

Access to One Pre-recorded Call with Amanda recorded during the book writing process (already available in your group.)

Live group "Power Hour" Coaching Call to ask me questions about the book, the process and anything else you desire.

This is the level for you if you want to be in the energy of people excited about manifesting, revolutionizing their experience with money, healing their past, and moving forward into new levels of wealth and abundance. You will get a the complete first draft of the 10 chapter book. You will be a part of the first reveal of the chapters, cover, title, video, etc. I will send you one signed copy of the book in the mail with a love note from me. You will be in a Facebook group with each other and my team.

This is the level for you if you want the vibes of the Book Club Level, but also want additional understanding of 1. what I go through, 2. how I get through it and 3. where moving through it brights me as I write this book. See how I transform doubt, worry and fear as I embark on the transformational process of becoming an author. With my book notes in hand, it's as though I am sitting next to you as you read the pages. In addition to the chapters and the reveals, you will get a pre-recorded group coaching call (already available in your group) and a live Power Hour Call with me (to be recorded when the book releases) and my private notes and journal entries from each chapter. I will send you two signed copies of the book with a love note from me once it is published.


The RICH AF Affirmation Poster. (Pay in Full Bonus.)

I have taken all of my favorite classic Amanda Frances money quotes and placed them on an affirmation poster for you!

Hang this very vibey 12x18 poster in your office, over your bed, on the back of a door or cabinet, or wherever you want to get into the money vibes.

 This is my free gift for anyone who selects the Pay-in-Full option (for either level) upon enrolling.

Choose your Club Level below.

Complete First Draft of the 10 chapter book.

Facebook Discussion Group with Amanda and her team

First look at book cover

First reveal of book title

First reveal of "The Money Video"

A signed copy of the book shipped to you

Book Club is now closed because the BOOK IS OUT!!
You can get the ebook on Amazon now -- just click here. (The paperback will be out mid-January)

Complete first draft of the 10 chapter book available upon enrollment


Facebook Discussion Group with Amanda and her team


First look at book cover


First reveal of book title


First reveal of "The Money Video"


Two signed copies of the book shipped to you


Pre-recorded Coaching Call (already available to you)


 Live Group Power Hour call with Amanda when the book releases


Amanda's personal notes, insights and realizations from the writing process with each chapter (already in your group)

Book Club is now closed because the BOOK IS OUT!!
You can get the ebook on Amazon now -- just click here. (The paperback will be out mid-January)

**By registering for book club (either level), you are agreeing to our Standard Terms and Conditions. There are no cancellations or refunds with this offer. If you have questions, please email before placing your order. Thank you.