love yo self… like crazy



PSA: A lack of down time will make you crazy.


You know that I LOVE self•love, but I have been bad.

While I’ve set decent boundaries for days off and down time, I’ve broken all of them lately. Like repeatedly.

No yoga. Clients on days off. Little to no alone time.

And as a result I’ve had more easily irritated and less than flattering moments than I’d care to admit.


It’s funny.

I would never blow off a client session or a meeting or a call about business.

But I blow off eating and meditating and journaling and taking care of myself, on the regular.

And when I wasn’t “working” my mind was on marketing my next course, reaching my next goal, branding my new site, teaching my current students and supporting my current clients ALL OF THE TIME.

Going hard and dreaming big is fun… but I’m burnt out.

Bottom-line: I need to take better care of me.


Do you need a Self•Love day?

Do you need to stop worrying? To relax? To chill the eff out? To be a regular human instead of a super human? To journal, pray, or meditate? To set better boundaries? To watch a TV show or read a book or do absolutely nothing?

Once I realized I was neglecting myself, I began to adjust.

Sunday night I took a bath, meditated, ordered-in and mindlessly watched less than informative television with my boyfriend.

Saturday my only life goals were to find a caffeinated beverage and a movie.

And this week I’m scheduling self-love in. Meals, self-care, yoga, journaling, reading, and do nothing time are all going on the books.


What do you need to put on the schedule this week?

What do you really need/want to do for yourself, but feel like you don’t have the time/money/energy.

Pretend you are taking care of five year old you. What does she need? Does little you need you to love her, nurture her, feed her and make sure she gets some rest? Okay then.

Tell your friends and family what you need and make it happen.


The world needs you at your best.




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Imagine… I life where you know a better way than to fret and worry about cash.

Sounds amazing, right? Well I am here to help.

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I love you!


Amanda Frances