Self Published Affirmations

These affirmations are intended to help you integrate the concepts from the course. Feel free to tweak the language to what works for you, what you believe and what you can get your energy behind.

My book is a gift to the world.

I embark on my book journey with grace and ease.

My book Is already written. I am here to bring it into physical form.

I share my truth. I share my heart. I share my soul.

My truth is a gift to the world.

The Universe supports my heartfelt work.

I am supported in bring my book to life.

My book changes lives.

 My book is well received.

I write my book and let it do it's thing.

  People get me, my work and my words.

I get me. I've got me. I'm ready.

I was born for such a time as this. - The Bible

I am not afraid. I was born to do this. - Joan of Arc

I write. I write and my book takes form.

I can do this. I can mother f*ing do this.

My best-selling book is a gift to the world.

I am a best-selling author.

 There is no wrong way to write your book.

I am free to be creative.

I can put whatever the f*ck I want on the paper. This is my book.

I write because I’m passionate about serving my audience.

No publisher is necessary for me to be successful.

As I write my book I’m creating my legacy.

I have something different and unique to share with the world.

There's more than one book in me.

There’s a reason your book is your book.

I was given these thoughts and these words for a reason.

I trust myself.

What I have to say is enough.

It is safe to do things my way.

I set my timeline and my pace.

There is always a way to be paid.

 There are no rules.

 I am supported in this process.

 My book is of high service and worthy of massive compensation.

 I love this process. I figure it out and trust myself.

 My book is bigger than me.

 This process is getting simpler and simpler for me.

 It is coming together.

 I can do this.

 I am following these steps and working it out as I go.

 It’s safe to evolve. It’s safe to grow and change.

 My book is changing lives. My book creates a movement.

 I am the big deal.

 I am a best selling author.

 My uniqueness is enough.

 My stories are mine for a reason. I am going to use my stories for good.

 My desires are greater than my fear.

People want to hear me read my book.

My audiobook is its own revenue stream.

I get to record my audiobook my way.

I do not second guess myself. I am called to talk about this.

I celebrate myself through this process.

 I allow myself to be celebrated for my completed book.

 My book is complete! I am so proud of what I have accomplished.

 I did it. My book is done and it’s time to get it into the world!

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