Do you dream of writing a book, but have no idea where to begin?

Have you started writing your book, but find yourself procrastinating on actually finishing it?

Do you want to create a massive movement and legacy for yourself that lasts beyond the social media trends and platform of the moment?

Have you been previously rejected by a publisher or been told your platform was too small, you weren’t famous enough, or your story wasn't unique enough for a book?

Do you feel like an imposter calling yourself a writer and/or author?

Do you feel like you'll have no idea what to do with your book once it's published or how you'll get it out into the world?

Do you crave expert advice and strategy around the process of creating, writing, marketing, and monetizing your book?

Do you love creating things on your own terms, but hate following rules and waiting on someone else to get things done?

Do you want to learn from two bestselling authors who have had massive success with their self-published books and reached women around the world with their message?


Here's what most people don't understand:

You do not need to have an English degree or a massive following to write and self-publish a life-changing book.

And you certainly don't need a publisher.

The days of waiting to be chosen or picked by a publisher are gone.

Books establish instant credibility.

They create worldwide movements.

They create massive revenue streams.

They set you apart from others in your industry.

They leave a legacy.

We are Cara and Amanda. And through our own unique paths, we ultimately each chose self-publishing when it came to getting our books out into the world. (More on each of our stories below.)

This means we own our books.

This means the revenue our books generate belongs to us.

(To break it down: With a traditional publisher, once you pay back your book advance, you get 15% of what the book generates. When you self-publish your percentage is closer to 70% and there is nothing to pay back. Yes. You read that right. Can you say: Deal breaker?)

We became best-selling authors, created significant streams of income through our books, and continue to outperform books released by the big publishing houses.

Amanda Frances is a world-renowned thought leader on financial empowerment for women.

Through her wildly popular digital courses, her best selling book "Rich as F*ck," highly engaging online presence, her "And She Rises" podcast, and free daily content, meditations and trainings distributed across her social media channels daily... she empowers women to design lives and businesses they are wildly obsessed with.

She has written for Forbes, Business Insider, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, and Success Magazine.

She has been featured in Entrepreneur, Flaunt, House Beautiful, OK! Mag, US Weekly, ET and others.

Combining her background in ministry and mental health counseling with practical advice and a deep knowledge of spiritual and energetic principles, Amanda isn’t quite like any other "coach" you’ve encountered.

A true self-made women, while putting herself through graduate school Amanda taught herself how to build her first website.

A decade later, Amanda Frances Inc. is an eight-figure global brand serving clients and students in 85 countries.

Her mission has always been to get the power of money into the hands of good hearted women who are here to change the world. Today, she is doing so.

Amanda is from Sand Springs, Oklahoma and currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

Amanda's Self-Publishing Journey:

Named an international best seller upon its release — people worldwide have gone wild for Rich as F*ck: More Money Than You Know What to Do With.

In the Rich as F*ck book, Amanda Frances demystifies the topic of money, cracking the code of freedom in finances and unlimited abundance. Her magnetic words have opened the hearts and minds of over a hundred thousand women (and counting), helping them to understand the truth about how money actually works.

The author who is known to not only help people transform their relationship money, but call more of it into their lives (often before they have even finished reading all of the pages of her book) has also expanded on the Rich AF brand by releasing…

The Rich as F*ck Journal (2021), Jodidamente Rica — the Spanish version of Rich AF (2023), and the Rich as F*ck Planner (2024).

So, how did all this come to be?

In 2019, Amanda felt her next step was to write a book.

When publishing houses began pursuing her that same year, she took some calls, but ultimately declined all offers. It was clear to her, that when it comes to traditional publishing, most authors get the raw end of the deal.

(She had several friends who signed book deals, but ended up marketing, promoting, and building momentum around their book on their own... while the publishing house made big promises, but did very little. At the end of the day, they were left with a book that their voice had been edited out of while they were paid very little for their work.)

As the "Money Queen" she felt it would be wildly out of integrity to let a publishing house profit off of her heart and soul, while she did all the true work.

Instead, she ran the numbers and decided to turn her book into a stream of residual income.

She self published her book, Rich as F*ck. It debuted as an ebook. A month later, she released it as a paperback. And in December of 2021, as an audiobook. Each version of the book shot to number one in categories such as Women in Business, Spirituality, Economics, and Personal Finance.

The ebook was in the top twenty most sold books in all of amazon upon its debut.

The audiobook was the fastest growing book in all of audible within 48 hours of being released.

Today, Rich as F*ck is a multiple six figure yearly stream of income in and of itself.

To date, she has sold over 130,000 copies of the original Rich AF book.

As an early voice in the female-driven movement, Cara continues to be a leader in the space, liberating women to trust their intuition and create their own opportunities. She empowers her readers and clients to stop waiting for their big break and, instead, to publish their own books, start their own podcasts, host their own panels and design their own clothing lines; whatever their desires are.

Cara has been self-publishing her books for a decade, and those books have been translated into multiple languages such as Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, Mongolian, Vietnamese and others.

After receiving 19 publisher rejections and being told she didn't have a big enough platform or a unique enough story to tell, Cara eventually self-published a book called Girl Code. That book exploded on the scene, dominating #1 bestseller spots on Amazon, beating out major traditionally published books like #GIRLBOSS and Lean In.

Eventually, those publishers came knocking and Cara landed a multiple six-figure double book deal with Penguin Random House. That deal included the re-release Girl Code and published what would be her next book, Like She Owns the Place.

After going the traditional publishing route, Cara found herself drained and uninspired and parted ways with her publisher. She went back to self-publishing and released the #1 bestseller, Girl on Fire in 2019. The book was a major success, and continues to be translated in various languages, most notably showing up in underground translations by the women of Iran. Cara receives messages daily from women around the world whose lives have been changed by her words.

Cara has published 9 books to date that have topped bestseller lists all over Amazon, become a consistent, multiple six-figure revenue stream, and continue to transcend cultures and break barriers for women across the globe.

Her podcast, Style Your Mind, has nearly 10 million unique downloads and has been named by Forbes as one of the “Top Women-Led Podcasts” and been featured on Oprah’s website. Cara has also been featured in Entrepreneur, Success, Glamour, Marie Claire, INC, and many other media publications worldwide, and is a highly sought-after speaker.

The Big Idea. Conceptualize the idea for your book, get crystal clear on your message, tell your story, and create a book that represents all you want to be known for, from start to finish. 

The Writing Process. Learn Cara and Amanda's writing process. How to outline your book, tips for finding time to write and staying the course. We will discuss creative solutions, options, mindsets and strategies for getting started and getting it done. (Amanda had a 'book club' who paid to read the book as it was written, for example, which generated a lot of cash and kept her on a schedule -- as schedules are not her strength. lol. We believe your creative solutions are available.)

How to Self Publish: Hear from Amanda and one of her team members on the step-by-step process of publishing the book: Where to upload it, what to expect, what happens next, working through the snafus that may come up including what we learned and what we will do differently next time. We literally screen-share from our computer exactly what to do to upload and submit your book. We show you both KDP (Amazon) and Ingram (book stores like Barnes and Nobel and Target picked up Amanda's book from Ingram).

Best Selling Author Energy: Get behind the energy of writing and selling a bestselling book that changes the world. Because, truly, that's what counts most. Overcoming self-doubt and Imposter Syndrome. Truly embody the bestselling author within you. Cultivating your confidence. Establishing yourself as a leader and expert your spaces. Shouting it all from the rooftops. (Note: This is the vibe the entire course will be created from. This is your inner game.)

Marketing & Monetizing Your Book. Now that your book is out, how do you actually sell the f* out of it to readers around the world? Cara and Amanda share their process for marketing and monetizing their books, getting press and interviews, building anticipation, creating content to support the books, and selling from their souls.

Recording Your Audiobook: Perhaps you'd like to release an audiobook the day your book comes out. Or maybe, that's something you plan to circle back to later and add to the empire that is your book. Either way, let us give you tips on getting this done. Picking your studio, keeping your energy up, supporting your voice, having fun and getting it done. Amanda and. Cara share the exact recording studios they used.

Personal Essay & Memoir Writing: In the newest Self-Published module, Cara shares her best tips for writing your personal essay or memoir, including how to decide if a personal essay or memoir is right for you, perfecting your memoir voice and finding your unique angle. Plus, Cara talks about using sub-stack as a resource to get your work out into the world.

BONUS: The Welcome Party. Join us, before Self-Published begins, to get in the vibes and celebrate that you are here and you are writing a mother f*ing book. Yes ma'am. Cara and Amanda will riff on a few things, set the tone for the program and get this thing started in a way that encourages and supports you in this process. You receive instant access to this upon enrollment.

Please note: There is no wrong time to get started on your book journey. A book can support you in building your audience, reputation and brand at any point in your career. Cara self published books early in her entrepreneurial journey. Amanda was a decade into owning her company when her first book came out. You're not too early. You're not too late. A book can build a brand. A brand can propel a book. A book can work along side and amplify your other goals and endeavors. 

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Amanda and Cara co-teach the majority of the trainings, but also teach solo at times and bring in team members to add additional information to relevant topics.

The Course: Seven training modules created to you walk you through your self-publishing journey, empowering you to do things your way, and sharing with you all we've learned while becoming best-selling authors.


Our tips on writing without delay (and monetizing that process).

Mindset, energy and strategy to meet your goals around your book.

The beliefs to develop that will support you in getting your book written and out there.

The how-to's of editing, uploading, and self-publishing your book. (We screenshared Amanda's team uploading and submitting her book to both KDP and Ingram.)

Building up momentum, excitement and press around your book.

Deciding who to hire, if anyone. Do you want an editor? Graphic designer? What these people do and when you might want their help. (Amanda and Cara give you the names and emails of the editors they've used.)

Access to our guidance, support and lived lessons as you navigate this journey.

Transcripts: Each training module has been transcribed for you! If you learn by reading instead of watching, have an auditory disability or are hard of hearing, or you just like to follow along with the video or audio, I've got your back!

Workbook! This workbook is designed to prompt you and support you and as you dig deep into the course content! It will provide a beautiful record of the goals you set and the process you go through as you become an author.

PLUS: Meditations, affirmations, and transformational homework.

The Self-Published Members' Support Group: Access to the Self-Published private community for additional support, wisdom and love from your fellow authors.


Pay in Full Bonus: Best Seller Energy Mug!

This mug is scripted with our new favorite play on the classic BDE descriptor: Best Seller Energy.

Create an intentional moment with this mug as you enjoy your favorite coffee, tea, matcha, or juice while you work on your book, bring the feelings and energies of success and completion into your body and experience, and allow the course processes and principles to guide you.

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I am not an entrepreneur. I don't have a big audience. Is this still for me? 

There is no bad time to write a book.

A book can support you in building your audience, reputation and brand at any point in your journey. Cara self published books early in her entrepreneurial career. Amanda was a decade into owning her company when her first book was released. You're not too early. You're not too late.

A book can build a brand. A brand can propel a book.

A book can work along side and amplify your other goals and endeavors.

In short: People have used a book to kick start a career and grow an audience. Other people have used an established career and loyal audience to build up their book. Both are available.

 I'm super busy right now. What if I don't have time to take the course now?

It is up to you when you start or how often you work on the book and go through the course. You have this content forever. You can write your book completely at your own pace and come back to this program for support as you desire.

If I self-publish, can my book still be in traditional stores? Am I limited to Amazon only?

Contrary to popular belief, yes it can be! As far as stores: Cara's book can be found in Hudson News and airports book stores around the world. Amanda's book can be found in Target and in various local book shops. As far as online sellers: Cara and Amanda's books are in Barnes and Noble online, Wal-Mart and Target online, and many others. They used two different distributors to make this happen and will share both so you can choose. Both are shockingly simple.

 Are you offering a payment plan?

YES! We love payment plans. You will find the payment options when you click below to enroll.

 What can I expect from this course?

Inspired, elevated content inside of a transformational container of love, growth and empowerment. Fresh perspective. Teachings with practical and energetic steps laid out for you. Progress. Hard things made easier. Built in cheerleaders. Movement in the direction of more money, more freedom and a self published book.

Will this course get me a book deal?

While you are free to pitch your book to literary agents and publishers, this course is not designed to teach you those strategies. We are here to empower you to write, self-publish, market and monetize your own book.

That being said, Cara did sell one of her self-published books to a traditional publishing house and received a very large payment. Traditional publishing isn't off the table because you choose to self-publish now.

 Can you guarantee specific results?

We each love our journeys as self published authors and fully believe in the principles, concepts and strategies that will be shared in this program. However, as I have no way of knowing what you will do with this content, we can not guarantee results, best-seller status or increased income.

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Disclaimer: We each love our journeys as self published authors and fully believe in the principals, concepts and strategies that are shared in this program. However, we can not guarantee results, best-seller status or increased income. Results may not be typical for all students.