too busy for self-love? me too!

Happy Self-Love Saturday!

I am sure several of you integrated some self-love into your life on the long weekend last week, but maintaining a relationship with yourself is like tending to any other important relationship – we get the best results when we give time, care, and attention often! If your man-friend only spent time showing you love once a month, would you really feel loved? No? Exactly. We must show ourselves the love we want to receive from others often.

As some of you may know, I recently started a PhD program. {{Like… WTF am I thinking?!}} Actually, I really do love it and am super happy and feel very thankful that I chose to do it.

Get ready to call me Dr. Amanda Frances.

However, as someone who has worked for myself for quite sometime now, it has taken ridiculous due diligence to incorporate the self-love into my life. Since I inevitably see clients or do some sort of work on Saturday or Sunday each week, I have been taking Wednesday completely off for several months. I would wake up, mediate, stroll around Whole Foods, maybe walk to get a mani-pedi or a coffee – and just leisurely decide what wonderfulness the day would hold. It has been my happy day. THEN last week came the opportunity to kick it up a notch and add a class that I need to take to do the type of work I want to do on campus. Bye bye Wednesdays.

The struggle started Thursday morning when my to-do list was looking like the Pan-American Highway of life-requirements and I had to choose whether I would practice what I preach and set a boundary I desperately needed or be a effing hot-mess of total anxiety. #thestruggle

And though I reluctantly chose to head toward a pool with a view and a cocktail, I had the hardest time relaxing once I was there.

Which reminded me of the bottom line: It is not how many days in a week we take off or number of self-love acts we do in a day if we do not disconnect from the stressors of life. You can be on the massage table or mani-pedi chair, but if you aren’t in the moment, it won’t really help. In the same vein, when those weeks come where it is nearly impossible to take any time to ourselves, we must learn to find moments to become present and internally still in – even in the midst of chaos.


Whether your day is crazy and you’ve found two minutes to center-in or you have the entire day dedicated to self-love, but can’t seem to shut down the mental spiral of crazy, here are some quick ways to tune in with yourself.

1. Breathing exercise. 

Breathe in for five seconds – hold for five – breathe out for five – hold for five. Repeat.

2. Emote. 

Write down a full-page of everything you feel. Call a friend who will let you vent. Give yourself permission to freak the eff out. Emote with the intention of letting it all go.

3. Walk. 

Just a few minutes on the treadmill or elliptical will get the endorphins going. If driving to the gym, changing and finding a piece of open equipment seems like the worst idea ever, take a walk around the block. You will never regret a walk or a work-out.

4. Music. 

I have a self-love playlist on Spotify ready for an emergency situations or sad moment. Feel free to borrow mine or make your own! Music can help us stay in a positive place when things are nuts. Remember when we love life, it loves us right back. Stay positive & radiate happiness as much as possible :) Read more here.

5. Sleep. 

It’s so easy to sacrifice sleep when we are busy – especially while we are in school. However, that’s when we need it the most. Without fail, each time I have just turned off the lights and went to bed no matter how early it was, I have had so much more brain power to do the stuff I needed to do the next morning instead.


{{I hope you find some time for you today! Take a nap, read a good book, have a picnic, paint your toenails or spend time at your favorite coffee shop!

No matter what you choose or how much time you can find today, be sure to take a few relaxing deep deep breaths and allow yourself to be thankful to be where you are, doing what your doing, being you. :)

You are enough. And everything you need can be found inside of you when you are in the present moment enjoying what it means to be you.}}



Just for fun, here are some Self-Love Moments from my life lately. . .

entrepreneur lifestyle

{going home}

 entrepreneur lifestyle

{movies on the lawn}

entrepreneur lifestyle

{six mile walk with the manfriend}

entrepreneur lifestyle

entrepreneur lifestyle

{4th of July mani + outfit}

entrepreneur lifestyle

{the perfect lunch for school or work}

entrepreneur lifestyle

{dancing on the lake}

entrepreneur lifestyle

{Dallas views}

entrepreneur lifestyle

{poolside veggies}



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