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self love saturday

As you know Self-Love is one of my life-tenants!


When we do not take care of ourselves we a depleted, over-worked, sad, hot-messes and we are unable to do much good for ourselves or anyone else!


So my friend, Paige Sauer, and I are dedicating this Saturday to Self-Love!


Do one act of self love for yourself or fill the day with celebratory self love acts.


I know you may be thinking, “I don’t have time,” “What about the kids/my husband/laundry/homework.” Well my lovely little friends, the thing is, when you take time to take care of you, you have more energy to do everything else! Allowing yourself to un-apologetically do something kind for yourself results in happy feelings! Happy feelings (ie positive energy) leads to more happy feelings. When you are coming from a positive place you spread positivity everywhere you go and make the world a little bit of a better place.


It really is for the benefit of the whole wide world that you learn to love yourself more and more and more.


Suggestions:  Choose not to obsess about that thing that is out of your control, look in the mirror and tell yourself your effing gorgeous, write yourself a love letter, make a list of everything you love about yourself, create something that does not need to be created just for the sake of enjoying yourself, enjoy yourself for no reason, do yoga, sing loudly in the shower, take a long bubble bath, have a picnic in the sunshine, buy your favorite lipstick/wine/cheese/Starbucks, take a nap, go to bed early, watch your favorite movie, have a dance party in your living room (other people are optional)… etc etc etc. {{View Paige’s Tips and Tricks HERE}} Check out examples of Self-Love Day’s I’ve done: &


The only rules are to do something you love, embrace the moment, and have fun! 


And DON’T BE A STRANGER! Show us your take on Self Love Saturday, by sharing an act of self-love via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. I will be retweeting each act to my 1,000 followers and sharing all the pics I get here on the blog!  Just use the hashtag #SELFLOVESAT on Twitter/Instagram or tag me on Facebook!


And don’t forget to check out, ( and for more tips & tricks for SELF LOVE SATURDAY!





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