Sell from Your Soul — Coming Soon

The below video is from two years ago.

(The video is slightly obnoxious, but makes an excellent point.)

I had just had my first quarter of a million dollar launch.

It was one of my favorite digital course enrollment periods of my career.

I knew I was embodying soulful selling in a way that felt so good...

... and was highly effective.

I was reaching the masses + earning at a new level.

Today, I have had dozens of six figure launches.

Plus my first seven figure launch at $1.2 million in early 2019.

I have a lot to say about soulful selling.

Check it out:

Selling is of High Service.

There is nothing greedy, salesy or wrong about getting your work in the world.

Selling is a spiritual practice when you are clear on how your offer changes lives.

Launching is the sacred vehicle by which we change the world with our work.

Selling is a beautiful, high-vibe, soul nourishing act...

...when you view it as such.

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