Selling Is Of Service: From Limiting Beliefs to Endless Possibilities

In this episode, I delve into the concept of selling as a sacred act and offer insights on how to transform the sales process into one characterized by ease and flow. While there’s no one-size-fits-all formula for success, I want you to understand the importance of aligning your sales processes with your unique vision, lifestyle, and business culture.

==> It’s vital to recognize that you have the power to do things your own way, irrespective of how others have approached it.

Co-Creating Your Process: you’ll hear my unique approach to creating offers, how I collaborate with the universe by making a list for God of my desires. This includes everything from the offer’s appearance to its launch timeline. By following my intuition and allowing the path of least resistance to guide me, I find a harmonious flow in my business… always.

Hold on to Your Desired Outcome: During a sales process, you’re likely to encounter various challenges and uncertainties; however, it’s so so so important to maintain a strong sense of direction and faith even when circumstances appear unfavorable. I encourage you to let go of expectations imposed by others and focus on what truly resonates with you.

Why Selling is SACRED: We simply must dispel the misconception that selling is a negative or manipulative act… I will continue to say this over and over again… Selling is about offering people an opportunity to engage with you. It’s a means of sharing what you have to offer and how it can benefit others. Selling, when done with integrity, has the potential to transform lives positively.

How to Sell-Out Your Offers (or Get Anything You Want): This is how I deal with any question that starts with the word ‘how.’ How I do it is by becoming a match for it. I’ll share a little trick for how I assume the energy of what I desire when I don’t yet know ‘how’ it will occur.

Faith in Something Greater: You’ll hear the significance of having faith in a higher power and the belief that money flows through people, rather than solely coming from them. When you release the pressure on potential clients and trust them to make choices aligned with their best interests, you can embrace a more authentic and inviting approach to selling. Ultimately, your energy, expectations, actions, and beliefs play a crucial role in what you manifest.

All of this is to remind you that selling can be a spiritual and transformative experience when approached with authenticity and a willingness to align with the flow of the universe.

If you’re eager to explore this concept further, my Sell From Your Soul course is a great place to start.