Spirit Day: Service over Success

Monday is now Spirit Day on


And I’m not talking the kind of Spirit Day that involved me, pompoms, and a pep rally in high school. This will be a day where I share some kind of story about spiritual growth, development, or revelation.


You could say these stories are concerning the Divine. I use the name God as this is the word I most often use to reference the one that, for me, has no name is ginormous, complex, and extraordinary. I personally am not concerned with whether you call it God, Love, Light, Universe, Divinity, Creation, Spirit Guide, Inner Guide, Internal Teacher or Creation.

This blog is not, nor will it ever be a space to exclude people who believe differently than any other people. It is my goal to encourage all to spread love, shine light, and endeavor to grow into one’s best self throughout life.


So now that that’s been discussed, here’s today’s Spirit Day story.

Some of you may know that I have been a life coach and interpersonal consultant for some time. I wasn’t able to do this as much as I’d have liked during the final parts of grad school as I was very busy, but I continually endeavored to be open to these type of opportunities as it is my passion to use my skill set and personal experience to contribute to the growth of others.

So… one day I was driving down the road after a LONG day of seeing clients at my internship. I had Oprah Radio on as she say, “If you put service over success, you will have both.” I thought to myself ‘Oh that’s good – I need to remember that’ as I stopped at a store for a quick errand. After a few minutes of walking quickly through the store and a person started talking to me. I didn’t plan to have to execute Oprah’s lesson quite so soon. Unfortunately, my inclination was to ignore the person and go on with my day, but the words Oprah had said echoed in my mind signifying to me that I was to do something differently this time. I remember thinking, ‘Amanda you are trained to help others feel heard and understood, that doesn’t only apply when you are receiving hours for school or getting paid – put service over success.’ I stopped and listen to the person. Within a few short minutes they asked me what I did. I told them that I was a counseling student, but also did some life coaching. The person asked if they could hire me. I took this as a word from Above to put service over success in my life and practice.

I very much enjoyed working with this person and facilitating growth in them. After having a few appointments together, they were in a much better place so we decided to stop meeting for awhile. Of course, I got busy and distracted through the rest of my internship and forgot about this lesson – I found myself being ungrateful for so many wonderful opportunities I had – and always wanting more. When some time had gone by this same client was interested in a follow up appointment, but could not pay our previous discussed amount as some circumstances had changed, I took this as an opportunity to implement this lesson again, though I was in a bad mood about it. I actually needed money at that time, but I told them not to worry about it, and to just pay me what they could. I felt a little irritated about it, but reminded myself that this was about helping people, and to put service over everything else. We had an appointment that went very well and scheduled an additional meetings at the lower price. By the end of the session, I was pumped to have helped and was not thinking about the money anymore.

That evening I was walking through a parking lot on the way to go for a run, thinking about how happy I was that I was able to positively affect someone’s life, but also how I still needed money. I literally almost instantaneously walked into a big wad of cash laying on the ground. It wasn’t the exact amount I would have earned at my usual price, but it was close, and for me, the universe was sending a loud and clear message. I looked around for someone to claim it, but the parking lot was empty. I then looked up at the sky and while laughing said out loud, “Okay God, I get it.”


I think I was supposed to learn that if I put service first, God will take care of the rest. I hope this applies to an area of your life too. :) :)




Amanda Frances


(Please note: Though life coaches are not bound by hippa,I take confidentiality very seriously with all clients – the identifying details of any one I work with will always be altered/left out. Furthermore, I would never publish something without client permission.)