Share Your Successes without Being an Ass Hole

Hiya Boss Ladies!

I get this question ALL of the time:

“How do I talk about my success without bragging?”

Here is the deal:

Like everything else, it comes down to the intention and energy you hold underneath the worlds that you say.

Here is a little story:

Recently, I was in Pebble Beach, near Carmel by the Sea, having dinner with a friend.

Two couples ended up sharing the community table with us.

I was being my regular self, not holding back, showing everyone the Rolex I had purchased that day to celebrate my first 7 figure year.

My friend was talking about releasing her first digital course and her growing business. We were just being, us.

We asked the woman what she did.

“Oh. I’m in retail,” she replied.

When the woman wasn’t looking, her friend shared that she was actually the CEO of a 3.2 BILLION dollar retail brand.

I sat there and thought….

Why? Why would you not share this with two younger woman sitting across from you. Why would you not inspire us and empower us as women? Why would you do us this disservice?

I said to her: “In these circles, it’s safe to brag about what you do. We want to be inspired.”

The world doesn’t need your modesty; The world needs to know what is possible for them.

You do those who need inspiration and empowerment a major disservice when you hold back about your greatness and accomplishments.

ie: the greatness that is possible for all of us.

Why would we hold back?

Why would we not empowering everyone around us with what’s possible/inevitable/achievable for them?

My intention behind anything I say isn’t to brag.

Or for someone to think I am great.

My intention is to inspire. My intention is to empower.

Because I am clear on my pure intention…

… I know that anyone who has a problem with what I say, is likely experience doubt, fear or envy that they could never create an incredible life for themselves...

… or is experiencing guilt and shame around the life they’ve chosen to create thus far.

They are trigger AF.

Which is good. A trigger is an opportunity… to heal.

There is nothing wrong with me having a Rolex.

There is nothing wrong with me sharing how much I earn ($244k last month.) #bam

And there is nothing wrong with me telling the truth about the life I have created.

And my intention is clear:

I need you to know that you can have, do and be whatever you want.

I know that what I’ve created isn’t normal.

But I also know that it can be.

I know that I am a regular person who decided to only be available for a next-level life. I know i created this with one decision at a time… for many, many years.

And I need everyone around me to know/decide/believe that they can do it too.

I intend to do my part to elevate, encourage an empower people everywhere.

And with that intention there is nothing to hide.

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I love you!

To creating a life and business you are wildly obsessed with and having nothing to mother effing hide or play small about.

Tell me about your greatest or most recent success! Share with me in the comments below the vlog!