Shattering the Illusion

Our minds lie to us.

In an effort to keep us safe, they keep us afraid.

We become fearful of what it would mean to start the business, meet the man, make the money, move to the city, get the promotion, etc.

We are afraid we will never have the things we want.

While at the same time, afraid of what it would mean if we did get it.

What if we can't handle it once we get it?

What if we mess it up?

What if the other shoe drops?

What if it was doomed from the start?

We are afraid of trying and failing.

We are also afraid of trying and succeeding.

So, we avoid risk.

And it's all based on... an illusion.

A false perception.

A fearful, untrue idea.

We become afraid of things...

... that were never even real.

As always, we had the power... all along.

You were always capable. You could always do it.

The fear was always... an illusion.

It's time that we transcend it all.

It's time that we shatter the illusion and rise up into our own greatness.

It's not just that we do it afraid.

It's that we learn to eliminate the fear.

It's time that we create a new response to fear.

It's time that we learn to shift even more quickly into our certainty.

It's time we take our power back.

Hi loves! 


If you don't know me I am a self-made millionaire, digital content creator, a world traveler and a manifestation queen.

I didn't always believe that a beautiful life was something that could come naturally and easily to me.

I felt poor. I felt broke. I felt limited. I felt unworthy. I felt constricted. I felt boxed in.

I felt like the odds weren't in my favor.

I believed there could never be more than enough for me.

I believed I was bad with love and money and life. 

That is no longer my reality.

I learned to change my mind. And through that, change my emotions, experiences and expectations.

Today, Amanda Frances Inc. earns over $250k each and every month.

I own a house in my home state and rent a beach house in Malibu for funzies.

I travel the world as I please.

I'm surrounded by amazing humans who I love.

I am supported by an incredible team.

I finally know and believe fully that I worthy of the very best...

... just because I am. (This includes men, clients, opportunities, etc.)

I'm a regular girl from Sand Springs, Oklahoma... living an extraordinary life.

If I hadn't learned to change my mentality, energy, beliefs, and emotions... I would not have been able to create the life I live now.

It's not all rainbows and butterflies... I AM A HUMAN BEING. But I know this, we can overcome it all. We can shatter the illusion and rise up. Over and over and over again.

We can get better as we go. And we can choose to have it all.

It is my intention to increase the number of of empowered, happy, wealthy women their are on this planet.

When women like you drop the fear around their desires and disprove the negative fearful illusions standing in your way, the world becomes a better place. Who's with me?

 Remember how beautiful, talented, smart and perfect you are.

 Release the illusion that you are lacking and undeserving.

 Choose again (or maybe for the first time) to DROP the STRUGGLE.

 Own a new level of your power, purpose, and certainty.

 Unapologetically step into all that you are destined to be.

 Lock in (for good) what kind of romance, love, partner, money, job, etc you get to have.

 Drop the idea that loss, suffering, and sacrifice are required.

 Take the above that you have been through and use it for good (Let's turn it to gold, people!

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