Six Steps to a Six-Figure Launch

six figure launch

Hi beautiful boss lady!

Okay, my friend, let’s be real.

I haven’t publicly talked about my six-figure launch… yet.

I wanted to share right away, but I needed a minute wrap my head around it and share in a way that would be truly helpful to you. I deeply desire to always share the numbers in my business in such a way that you feel inspired. I want empower you to set larger goals. I want to help expand what you believe is possible for you. I want to have, do and be more.

I have nothing to hide. I love sharing all my tips tricks and successes. I am all-of-the unapologetic about the business I’ve created and the money it makes, but when I share numbers, I have to make sure it isn’t about me.

Nothing I do matters, if I don’t empower you to do your great work too. I believe in multiplying our efforts.

We are all in this together.


So, let’s talk about my February launch this year! I’m sharing how much it made, what worked, what struggles were involved, and my best tips to help you do the same.

Tips for a big launch:

1. Believe in yourself deeply. 

There is not perfect business, coaching package, or digital course. There is no perfect anything.


But magic happens when you believe it’s enough anyway.It becomes enough because you know it is.

No one can believe in your work if you don’t. But when I believe in it deeply, more people than I can fathom, show up to believe with me. They tell me they want to be around my work, because I help them believe they can do more. And that’s everything to me.

(( Off subject but… I am so thankful for the woman whose energy empowered me to be more. I had to sign up for everything course/product/coaching she put into the world — because her presence elevated me. I want to hold that kind of space for you by living out my dreams in such an open way. I want to empower you to believe in yourself too. The only true nonnegotiable is that you believe in you. ))

2. Get your mind right! Putting your business, course, or coaching package out there will scare the eff out of you.

During every single effing launch of every single effing thing I have ever put into the world, I felt the work wasn’t good enough.

I was sure it was lacking something/everything. I worried that there was no way in hell it was worth people’s money. I freaked out.

Every time.

Including my last launch. Which generated $111,374.00 in three weeks.

But I always turn it around — because I get my mind right — and because I refuse to believe the bullshit thoughts and fears for very long.

Here is how I do this: I pull out my journal. I write down all my fears. I look at the crazy and I ask myself if the bullshit fears are true. (Hint: They are never true. Only love is real.) I remind myself who needs my course and why they need it. I remind myself why my work is powerful. I go over what will happen to the people who need my work and don’t find it.

I pick up that pen and start writing with the determination to see things differently. And I put down the pen a new women.

And I’m willing to do exercises like this as many times as it takes. Multiple times a day if needed.

I change the beliefs. I do the work. I keep the faith.

For me, the most important work of my business is not the actual work. The internal work of keeping my mind right.

And luckily, we have power over our minds. ❤

3. Get in front of people.

Whether it’s growing your email list or increasing the engagement on your FB page, you’ll need a strategy for drumming up some buzz around your business/brand/new offer in the weeks or months before your launch.

During my last launch, I live streamed to my audience from an app called Periscope! I recorded content for my followers twice a day every day! This helped me built up some excitement around the course.

I also ran some FB ads to help get people some new ideal students to my webinars to hear about the course!

Get in front of people. Don’t shut up.

4. Give away tremendous FREE content.

As the open cart gets closer, give give give give give away.

For my launch, I created a three part video training series and also hosted a few free live training webinars.

It doesn’t matter so much WHAT you do but that you give people plenty of opportunities to learn who you are, what you teach and how your new offer can serve them.

In your free content give all kinds of value. Value, value, value. Fit incredible free content into the webinar, training series, social media post. Share you heart.

5. Never ever ever ever give up.

At no point during the launch did it look like the six figure goal was going to happen! SO MANY THINGS WENT WRONG. I was dealing with having my email list divided between two providers, super funky technical difficulties, learning a new membership site platform, navigating a brand new affiliate portal, while managing my affiliates (I share more about what affiliates are below), working closely with my assistants, keeping my sanity, and trying to remember to eat.


But no matter how crazy it was, I kept the faith. I said a million times a day, “It’s working. It’s working. It’s working. It’s working. I’m having at a least a six figure launch. This or something better. Show me the way. I am willing to be guided.”

Giving up wasn’t an option.

(BONUS TIP: No one buys until the last 48 hours of your open cart. So, just chill the fuck out a in the beginning and middle of the launch.)

6. Do not sell! Just tell the truth.

No one like to be pitched or sold to. A better method is just telling the truth.

Why do you believe your offer is great? Who has it helped it the past? How do you see it helping people in the future? What results can be expected? Why does your ideal client need it? Share share share the truth. People will be more likely to connect with you, trust you and take a chance on your offer.

During my last launch I repeatedly said, “I am not the only person who teaches on money mindset and manifestation, but if you are ready to do this work, and you like my energy, I’d be honored to help you.” No pressure. No fear tactics. No judgement. Just my heart.


Now — Let’s talk about what a “six figure launch” actually means. 

It doesn’t typically mean you have 100k in the bank at that very moment. It means that after all the payments come in from all of the revenue you generated (ie: all the people that signed up) during the open cart, that your total gross income for the launch is over $100k… or in my case $111,347.90

So, for me, these payment plans come in over the course of four months!

ALSO — let’s be real about actual net income! 

There are a few expenses that can come with a big launching. I spend money on 1. Affiliate marketers (people who shared my courses with their friends and earned a percentage of each sale they make.) 2. FB ads 3. Two assistants to support me during the launch.

Two things that I think are SUPER important to say.

– I had many, many five figure launches with one very part time assistant and a very low advertising budget and NO affiliates.

– Though I grossed over $111k (#angelnumbers) — I netted $81,005.07 — #truth

So, how does this affect my income?!

I asked people in the Spiritual Boss Lady FB group if it would help them for me to share my current 2016 income.

I got 74 instant yes’s. So, EVEN THOUGH IT MAKES ME NERVOUS, here we go:

January: $42,567.85

February: $44,882.45

March: $37,053.05

Quarter 1: $124,503.35

Basically, I had three day pre-sale for the course in January, a big open cart in February, and payments continued to come in through March. I also have private clients whom pay me for my Business Coaching. And some payments coming in from when I was an affiliate for a friend’s digital course in 2015.

My biggest concern right now is that all of this could overwhelm you. Please don’t let it.

In your business you are not responsible for the next 1000 steps in the direction of your dreams… You are responsible for the next ONE right step.

One step at a time.

One. Step. At. A. Time. 

If you’ve followed the timeline of my business, you know that a few key steps added up to the business I have now.

I started with launching my life coaching business, then moved to training coaches, then started creating courses to train women entrepreneurs. And here we are.

PS: I HAVE A NEW FREE TRAINING ON THIS SAME TOPIC! Check out video one of the Six Figure Launch Project: here


Okay! I am here for you guys!! Do you have any Qs about starting a coach business or putting a digital product, like a course out into the world? What is your big 2016 goal? How much money do you desire to earn?

Let’s talk about it right here in the comment section below the blog! I’ll write back to all of you. Promise!


11 thoughts to “Six Steps to a Six-Figure Launch”

  1. Hi Amanda! Thank you for your email, it was certainly helpful. I’m struggling on how to create an online course since I’ve never done it before. I was supposed to already have my website completed and running, but didn’t happen since the designer has made tremendous delays. So, I created a FB page specifically for my business. I haven’t launched my biz officially, since I don’t have my courses made or ready. How do I create online courses? How do I do a launch? How do I maintain content for a membership site that I wanted to add to my website (if it is ever done)?
    Thank you so much for your time,

  2. Amandaaaa!

    This. Email. Was. Everything.

    It came at the *perfect* time. My course is launching officially on Monday 4/11 (same day as our MMM call!!) and I have 1,000% been in the back-and-forth conversation of, “Is this good enough? Maybe I should just fix one more thing?” and “Girl, this course is freaking brilliant and it changes the lives of these beautiful souls who need it.” Reading this gave me what your mentor gave you – inspiration that I can do and I am doing it and I will do it. Thank you for not putting yourself on a pedastol, so that i can see myself in you and know that I can do it too.

    This is my second launch of this course. I’m scoping daily, have insta posts, and have affiliates ready to go to share the love. I’m feeling a little stuck on the webinar piece…I have one webinar scheduled. Do you recommend doing more than one? I know that you did three for MMM…would love to get your thoughts!

    And thank you, thank you, thank you for MMM because, as you know, it’s been rocking my world and I’m so fucking grateful for you. <3

      1. Your encouragement and support seriously means errrrythang Amanda! Thank you so much. I have three questions:

        1.) What’s your best practice for getting people to them?
        2.) What’s one thing that you wish you would have done differently, if anything?
        3.) Best advice for helping people to stick around ’til the end?

        I can feel just writing those ?s that I’m being a little controlling and grasping. Breathing now. Lol. I let it be easy. I think part of me still believes that it has to be stressful in order to be successful. Woah. Light bulb. This does not have to be stressful in order to be successful. I let it be easy.

        Excuse the word vom. But I think I’ll leave it in…it could help someone else. <3

  3. I loved this email!! Thank you for showing us all how it really is during a launch! A lot people just say I generated X in X amount of time! And you can too! Pay me. Lol. But you broke it down and made it all feel so totally doable and in super simple steps. Thanks Amanda!!

  4. Wow! Inspiring! Not just your numbers, but your tenacity an follow-through!

    I’m a nonprofit development consultant and am facing challenges in moving beyond hourly billing/monthly invoicing. I want to start developing content that’s accessible for small nonprofits, but can make me some bank! I know nothing about developing an e-course or webinar, but I think? that would be the direction to go.

    1. I have a course on how to do courses! Digital products like courses are great because they are SUPER scaleable. <3

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