Six Figures With Selfies – Access

Step 1: Find Your Lighting. (Spin in circle to text your light.)

Step 2: Find Your Angle. (Play with moving your body to find angle you like.)

Step 3: Check the Background. (Anything need to be moved out of the screen.)

Step 4: Position Your Face. (Experiment with the “Out, Down and Tilt”)

Step 5: Look the camera in the eye and snap the picture! (Try a few facial expressions and see what you like.)

Bonus: When you look the camera in the eye, think about what emotion and feeling you want to convey! What are you wanting to portray with this image? Feel confident. Feel successful. Feel happy. Feel the feelings in your body! Allow that to come through in your selfie!

I am beautiful the way I am.

 It is safe to be seen. It is safe to be noticed. It is safe to get paid.

Here I am. I like myself. I love who I am. Look at me shine.

I love to be seen and noticed for the amazingness that is me.

SnapSeed - color correct, saturate, brighten

Perfect365 - face brighten, eye brighten, lessen undereye circles, etc


Retouch - remove things from background of image

Facetune - most often used to reshape things, refine things, smooth things, etc (I personally use this one more sparingly)

(Note: Since this was recorded, I have also gotten really into making my own presets in LightRoom.)

Remember: The purpose of the apps are to make things clearer, cleaner and noticeable AF. We are highlighting the real you! No need to start distorting your body or face.

Like I said in the training, I was making six figures a year with my online business before I had my first photoshoot.

It felt SO good to me to defy the odds around what one must do to make money online.

However, at one point, it felt better to just have a photoshoot and stock up on images for my team and I to use for the next several months!

When you do desire a professional photoshoot, make sure you feel so comfortable with the photographer and their style.

For example: Check out what I said about my photographer Wendy here. She is the best of the best.

The power of branding is that you can teach people how to think of you. You get to show people what you are about. You let them get to know you through the look and feel of your images, words, messaging, etc.

From here they can love you, feel comfortable with you, and pay you.

I 100% could not do what I do, at the level I do it at, if I had not understood how to authentically brand myself.

From selfies to sales pages, I am always showing people who I am and how I can help them. That is branding and that is not a frivolous thing.

I love you!