Six Figures with Selfies

If you don't know me, I am a self-made multi-millionaire, digital content creator and am commonly referred to as the "money manifestation queen" by my audience.

One thing I really love about me is that: I don't play by the regular set of rules.

In fact, when it came to starting and growing my business, I actively ignored them.

For example: I took my sweet time building an email list. I didn't bother with funnels. I have never been dependent on ads. I refused to blindly follow the usual methods for making money online... and sort of made my own way.

(Sometimes just to prove the point that the things everyone swears you have to have, mostly don't matter.)

When I started creating + selling digital courses in 2014, the thing to do in the online coaching space was have a big fancy photoshoot. (Usually, holding champagne while typing on your laptop and wearing a ballgown.) It was a cool vibe, but it wasn't my vibe.

However, I did see the value in allowing potential clients to get to know me and what I was about. I wanted them to understand my heart, hear my message and see my face.

So, I filled my social media pages and website with... selfies.

Selfies with inspirational captions and meaningful messages were a natural way for me to get my face, voice and message out there.

In fact, I was making multiple six figures before I ever had a professional photoshoot.

six figures with selfies. amanda frances. money queen. 


Do you desire to up your selfie game + online presence?

Do you want to feel more confident/comfortable in front of a camera?

Are you ready to connect with more potential clients and students?

Is it your dream to grow a larger, more engaged following?

More than anything, are you tired of feeling like you have to do all these special things in order to make it?

 amanda frances don't let yourself miss this

Recently, I noticed my 'Selfie Training' from a couple years back was being circulated on Instagram!

Ironically, I was actually at a photoshoot in the South of France when I saw this! #fullcircle

Today, I very much enjoy taking professional pictures to use on pages like these. (Photoshoots can be really fun + add a level of professionalism to your brand.) And I also still really love my ability to take and edit a quick, easy and eye-catching selfie.

I never-ever want you to feel like you can't go big, because you fear you are 'missing' something someone else has or swears you need.

With that in mind...

in this training i share amanda frances

My five-step process for the perfect selfie. (From angles to energy).

Affirmations for becoming comfortable + confident being seen.

My favorite picture editing apps. (Truly! These are the ones I use.)

How I knew it was time to schedule a professional photoshoot.

What the TRUE power of selfies are.

Why branding matters + makes you money.


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