Six Figures with Selfies

I am sitting in the first class lounge in Bali eating macaroons and french fries (#winning) calculating how long-ish until I land in America…

And I was thinking about the last time I took a flight from somewhere in Asia to LAX.
I remembered a girlfriend picking me up from the airport and staying a night with her.
Me: Wait… why did I stay at her house?
Also me: You didn’t have a place in California.
Me: Wait me? I didn’t have a place in California?
That’s weird. Why would I ever do that to myself?
Me again: You didn’t have a place in California until 4 months ago.
Me: That was a ridiculous way to do life. I’ve ALWAYS known I wanted to be in California… why did it take me 31 and a half years to get there?
Also me: You pretended you didn’t know, that it was too expensive, that you had to do five hundred other things before you were ready, and that you didn’t really like it there that much. You told stories. Big fat, wild liar face stories. You were afraid.
The truth is: We always know what we want.
I could have probably told you at the age of 4 (or whenever Beverly Hills 90210 came out) that I needed to drive a convertible and have a cool job and live in a place with palm trees, water, and mountains.
Isn’t funny how we make life hard?!
We pretend we don’t know the relationship/career path/location that we are settling for is completely wrong for us.
And we pretend we don’t know what is obviously right for us…
… but deep inside, we know.
We mother f*cking know. And we tell stories. And lie to ourselves. And make it hard. And feel truly not worthy of what we want. And we burry it. And tell ourselves we aren’t ready. And we have a quarter life crisis around it…
… and meanwhile… there is a truth inside of us that is so real… and it’s begging and pleading for us to listen…
… and we pretend it’s complicated…

The truth is: We were always allowed to do/have/been whatever we wanted.

There were never any mother f*cking rules. It was always easy. Our happiness was always a choice. The path was always well lit. Guidance was always mother f*cking available. We were always good enough. We were always ready. Our heart was always right. The time was always now.
Speaking of, following your heart and letting it be easy…

… let me tell you JUST how simple I let it be early in my business.

I built my sh*tty website myself, I ran all the elements of my business myself … and I didn’t get professional pictures done for four years.

The truth is — like everything else in my business — when it came to pictures I ignored what everyone said I “had” to do to make it.

I was already making between 10k-20k a month in my business when I had that first photoshoot.

I was making six figures with selfies.

I know that’s a little crazy and I LOVE the professional photoshoots I do now…

… but to be honest with you, my selfie game is ON POINT.

The thing about it is, people just need to see you face. They need to feel like they can know who you are.

It builds trust.

Even though photoshoots are a part of my routine now, I love how quickly and easily I can bust out a quality selfie to use on the social medias, on my blog, in emails and on graphics.

Good branding doesn’t have to mean the most professional branding at every single moment.

Good branding is branding is real branding… that stands out.

And in this FREE 40 minute training… I help to stand out with selfies.

From angles to which apps to use to editing with ease.

Watch here: Selfie Training

What did you think? I want to see you selfie! Share it in the Spiritual Boss Ladie Group! Show me your selfie!

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