Social Media Slay Strategies Access Granted

Hello there Slay Queen!

It's Amanda!

I am so happy that you are here.

Below you will find three videos along with journal prompts, affirmations and homework.

There is no one right way to do this bundle as there is no one right way to move energy.

The key is this: Anything that helps you feel better, think thoughts aligned with the life you desire, embody confident expectation, and feel the feelings of being seen and getting paid with ease is a step in the right direction!

If it were me, I would watch the videos with a notebook in hand. I would pause to take notes and write out phrases that feel good and empowering to me.

I would journal out every single prompt with the intention to feel better, see things differently, move anything currently hanging out between me and what I wanted.

I would also read the affirmations a loud and with feeling a couple times each day.

Your intention is to move toward believing these affirmations so that they become core beliefs.

Last step: I would trust that it's all working.

I love you so much. I can't wait to hear what you experience in this process!

SHOW UP AUTHENTICALLY: What are you here to share?



What are you here to say? 

Get clear on what your truth is. What do you know for sure? 



How can you show up on social media?

How can you make it easy for people to pay you?



Social media loves me.

I authentically share my heart on social media.

It's safe to be seen.

What I have to share is enough. 

I let it be easy to receive my desires. 

My business is sustainable and consistent.




In what areas can you apply self acceptance and self love? 




Riff on all the things you love about yourself. 

Write down all the things you're creating. 



I love myself the way that I am.

I do everything out of love.

People love me and people appreciate me.





 Look at how you respond to situations. Do you feel worthy of what you are experiencing?



Where do you want to show up on the internet? Where do you want to share your heart? 



I am deserving because I am.

Receiving money is my birthright. 

 I allow myself to receive. 

It is safe to share my life, my heart, my experiences, and my lessons. 

 I get to design a life and business I love.