5 Steps for an Empowering Closet Cleaning

closet cleaning

I fundamentally believe that when you remove what no longer serves you, you make room for new desires to take form.

I practice the principal of removing what no longer serves me in SO many areas of my life, like limiting beliefs, negative perceptions, money beliefs, business practices, clients, anddd clothes!

Because I love clothes.

I love trends. I love fashion. I love fabrics. I love textures. I love shapes. I love forms. I love style. I love clothes.

And I don’t love a cluttered closet.

For me and many of my life-coaching clients a cluttered closet is a fear-based closet.

A cluttered closet is a reflection of limiting beliefs such as “Omg! But that was so expensive – how can I get rid of it..?.” Or “I haven’t worn that enough times to get rid of it yet…” Or “But what if I need that some day and can’t afford/find a new one.”

And if you know me, you know that I believe every thought that doesn’t empower us, serve us, expand us, grow us, etc is a bullshit thought that must be reframed.

So, my lover, here are my tips for a closet clean out to change your life and serve your highest good.


1. Know your worth. 

You are enough. You are a child of God/The Universe. You are a creation of the most high. You were beautifully and miraculously created. A draining/cluttered closet does not serve you. YOU, my friend, deserve the best. You are not any less valuable as a human without the things you have purchased or a large quantity of things to hold on to.


2. Know that you are supported. 

You are infinitely supported. The Universe is dying to co-create with you anything/everything you need. Like all of the time. It is safe to purge/clean/donate/sell. There will be more for you. Always. It is a spiritual principle: make room, plant seeds, grow new. If this is scaring you to death, please look at where your fear based belief that there was not enough for you came from (we do this a lot in my Money Mentality Makeover online course). Look at the belief, forgive the person that taught it to you, tell yourself a new more empowering story, and move the fuck on.


3. Set an intention.

Answer these questions: Why are you cleaning out your closet? What would you like to make room for? How do you want to feel in your clothes each day? What styles feel like an external match for who you are internally?

Get clear on how you want to look and feel in your clothes. Get clear on what clothing items you’d like more of to make your life easier.

For this closet clean out my intention was to make room for more basics: white, black, grey, flow-y, comfy, slouchy. My very Hippie-Chic style needs basics to layer on. The basics I had were low-quality and not changing my life.

Sometimes before I closet clean out I even pick a song (or create a playlist) that matches how I want to feel in my life and in my clothes and make a Pinterest board (click here for #hippiechic board) to help me get clear on my desired style.


4. Brutal honesty. 

As you look at each item ask yourself this: “Is this item a  match for who I am, what I want, and where I am going in this life.” If it does not match, toss it.

Go through closets, drawers, jewelry, shoes, and purses (while you are at it — clean EVERYTHING out of every purse you own — you will be shocked at all the giftcards, rewards cards, etc you find. #moneylove).

The exception to the rule above is that you are allowed to keep anything that you love or that serves you. So if you LOVE it but never ever wear it: Fine keep it. If it serves you regularly (meaning you wear it), but it doesn’t quite match your current style: Fine. It can slide in… UNLESS you are keeping it because you don’t believe you deserve/can afford better. You know the difference. If you have some great memory in it, but no longer love it and no longer wear it, it has to go. ((Keep this in mind: IF you wait to0 long to get rid of old things it won’t be sellable, nor it will be able to serve anyone else.))

Your closet will look so much better at this point! It is becoming a beautiful and fear-free place. Since I LOVE clothes and want my closet to feel really good to me, all my hangers are thin, black, velvet, and matching. There are not walk-in closets in this 1920’s home so I have one closet for dresses and coats and one closet for jeans and shirts. In both closets, everything is organized by sleeve length.


4. Bless the clothes.

Now that you have a big fat pile of clothes, sort it. What would be valuable to a consignment shop or sell-and-trade type place? What is probably not right to sell, but would be beyond useful to a woman’s shelter? Before I go to consign, donate, and sell I literally pray over the clothes. I send love to the people at the consignment shop and Buffalo Exchange who will look through the clothes and decide what to take. I become very thankful that I will be able to bless others with things that no longer serve me. I get excited about what I am making room for and attracting to myself.


5. Receive.

Making room in my closet for better things always affects me positively. At the very least, it makes it to where I can see, appreciate, and value all that I have. More often than not I receive/stumble upon what I was asking for right away. This closet clean out was no exception. When I got to the consignment shop they had money waiting for me and took WAY more clothes than they normally do (they are very picky). When I got to Buffalo Exchange, they took almost everything the consignment store didn’t take AND while browsing through the racks I found ALL of the basic shirts I had been looking for (at a fraction of the price I was planning to spend) brand new with the tags still on. I was able to buy everything that I needed with the trade credit they offered me AND still walk out with cash in my hand.




One of my new shirts :)


Okay, lovers, there you have it!

ENJOY your out-of-control empowering closet clean-out. Let the experience be beautiful and positive. Have fun making room for the new.

If during this process you become extra-aware of your fears around money and/or not having enough in life, please please please check out this program: Money Mentality Makeover. Shifting your fears around money WILL free you up in SO many areas of your life. Please email amandafrances.com@gmail.com or message me on Facebook with questions.

I love you,