Step into Your Greatness: Movement Meditation for Walking, Running, etc.

Hi love,

I want to take a moment to remind you who TF you are.

In case you forgot, you are a badass.

You are an overcomer. You are a conqueror.

You are powerful. You are capable.

You are called. You are… infinite.

You’re connected to the heart and mind of God.

It is time that you step into your greatness.

I am here to help.

I am so jazzed to share my newest meditation with you.

It is being released tonight!

This is the Meditation for Stepping Into Your Greatness.

This high energy, guided meditation was designed be combined with movement. Listen while walking, running, working out or doing yoga… or any other time you want.

(But I advise that you do NOT listen while driving or operating heavy machinery, please.)

Check it out now:

Say it with me: I choose to step into my greatness. I choose to let this be easier than ever before. I get to receive every single thing I desire. I choose to elevate. I was made for money. I was made for love. I was made for greatness.  I choose to receive it all right now.

I love hearing from you, let me know in the comments, how did this meditation make you feel?