Step Out of Your Littleness. Step Into Your Power.



Hi my loves! 

I have a message that has been big on my heart lately.

And this vlog I shot in Bali recently explains the concept perfectly.

So here’s the thing:

Life is hard. Business is hard.

Relationships are hard. Shit happens.

We go through things…

Unfortunate circumstances take place. We feel bad in our minds and our bodies or in our emotions. Shit happens and because we’re having a human experience, sometimes things aren’t easy.

And that’s the truth.

But, there’s a higher truth…

There’s an ultimate truth…

There’s a more ultimate truth than all of the excuses, reasons, disadvantages, and circumstances that have gone wrong for us.

This vlog is about claiming your worth.

This vlog is about owning your greatness.

This vlog is about you and your massive power in this life.

And that’s what today’s vlog is about:


What’s bigger than all your problems: YOU.

You and your power.

You have so much power over your life.

You are a co-creators, ultimate co-creators with the power inside of you to change things, to take power over your mind, your emotions, your spirit, and your body.

You can claim your power and your worth.

You can know that you were made for more.

And decide when you are fucking done with something.

You can decide when you’re sick of something being the way it’s been.

You can claim a higher truth for yourselves. Claim wealth, claim health, claim abundance, and claim prosperity.

I’m not saying that it’s not hard, that we don’t struggle with learning how to do this…

I’m just saying that it’s possible and sometimes we tote around the reasons we can’t have, do, or be what we want.

These are the lies that keep us small.

These are the things that become the stories and the excuses why we can’t have what we want.

I’m not saying there’s no truth to it and that it’s not how you’ve felt… I’m just saying that there’s a higher truth.

You are a very, very, powerful being and you can take your power back.

You can rise the fuck up.

And you can ask to be guided to a higher, better way, and you can educate and inform yourself on how mother fucking powerful you are.

You can change your life and you can change the world.

That’s the truth.

Those of you who are coaches, teachers, and healers — sometimes people will come to you with reasons why they need a discount, freebie, refund, or something that you’re not required to give them.

Sometimes I have the sense that if I give the person the thing that they’re requesting… I will keep them small. If I buy into their story, and their excuse, I will keep them little.

If I were to say, “Oh you’re right — because you’ve had this hard thing, you aren’t powerful, you can’t take your power back.”

^^ Then I keep them small.

And it’s a delicate line.

Those of us doing this work have huge hearts and want to change the world.

You have to be really sensitive when you see your heart saying give them that because that’s the boost they need.

Make sure you’re being moved and guided by compassion and love, to give them some kind of exception.

And then be really clear if you give them that kind of exception that you won’t be playing into their story and keeping them small.

Got it?!

I love you guys so much.

Did you enjoy this vlog?!

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You can do this.

You can rise the fuck up.

It is time to break the cycle. And claim your worth and your power.

And decide what you will and will not put up with in your own mind, body, spirit, and emotions.

I love you.


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