Stop Making Your Life So Effing Hard.

Hi my love!

As you may know, I teach practical strategies and spiritual principals when it comes to business. And I teach them pretty equally.

But, I 100% lean on spiritual.

I would never tell you that you couldn’t have something because of a stupid, practical reason.

In today’s video I riff on putting your heart, passion and purpose above the practical, logical, and realistic.

Check out the video and/or read the transcript below.


I was talking to one of my clients recently and she was telling me how she’s so disappointed because the coach she had before me was helping her with a launch and told her all of these crazy things.

The coach convinced her that she HAD to have X number of people sign up for her webinars because only 1% do people who sign up for webinars are going to end up converting into the paid offer.

She was getting discouraged because she wasn’t hitting her goal for sign ups for her webinar.

She believed she had failed and wouldn’t reach her financial goals because of this.

I had never heard something so crazy in my life.

Even as a business coach, I have never once in my business looked at the number of people who have opted-in to my email list,  joined my FB group, or followed me online and decided that I couldn’t meet my business goals because of one of these external factors.

Let’s use my digital courses as an example.

I was having five figure figure launches with 300 people on my email list and no social media following.

I was having six figure launches with less than 3,000 people on my email list and a very small social media following.

I became a millionaire with less than 13k on my email list. This is the smallest audience of any millionaire I know.

I don’t look at my list. I don’t look at the number on my Facebook and allow that determine anything.

(I simply share high quality content daily and know that my audience will grow over time.)The number of people in my following has nothing to do with how much money I make.

On one side, I have the amount of money that I’m a vibrational match for.

On the other side is the daily inspired action I take in my business.

The actions I take are based on what I feel led to do. They aren’t always practical or logical; They are what I know is right in my soul.

I don’t look at the logical because the logical isn’t going to get me anywhere.

Nothing determines how much money you make in your business besides your energy.

Webinars can help. Email lists can help. Social media posts, facebook groups and LiveStreams can help… but…

… nothing matters as much as your thoughts, frequency, and feelings about money.

Here is the deal:

You can have what you want when you decide that you can have what you want.

The numbers don’t mean shit.

What do you guys think? Am I crazy? Delusional? A completely genius?

How are you currently making your life hard?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

I love you!


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  1. I so needed to hear this. Growing a following and email list was so not resonating with me

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